Midnight Music: SLUMBERJACK – Horus [Global Bass]

SLUMBERJACK - HorusThis one seeps into your awareness, an Indian-infused Future Bass track with enough of a low-end punch to need no explanation. The composition is exquisite, and the broken beat structure melds with the global bass sound choices delightfully. It’s got this feel that makes you think it was an anthem coming out for a World Cup held in Mumbai. The tune is entirely too short, but it definitely explores the space it’s created masterfully. There’s a little Beats Antique here, a little Flashbulb and a lot of skill. SLUMBERJACK is definitely a name to watch out for, with this pair of Perth natives deserving your attention. So show some love and tell em Terry sent you.

Belgian Federal Asylum Center “phonecard” Party! Global Vibes From Brussels!

This is really cool. There was this party in Brussels at a (wait for it) federal asylum for people seeking refuge in Belgium. For serious. Syrians, Afghanis, Palestinians, Albanians, Senegalese and more all jammed out on music from their phone. I think this is probably one of the most authentic non-Western parties I’ve ever come in contact with, and I’m delighted this mix is available for people to listen to. There’s a crazy amount of good shit on this mix, and the idea that people all over the world were playing their version of party music for the crowd, who was then understanding, respectful & danced to it, makes me feel like there’s some good in the world. I know some of us need to know that exists these days. You can thank Higgins, because without people like him, there wouldn’t be. (via P.O.E.)