What Lies Beneath: That Noble Fury On Ludlow. A Sweaty, Rocking Time.

TNF4I don’t make it down to Ludlow as often as I used to anymore. I hadn’t found myself in a sweaty basement full of hard-working, hard-drinkings in a while. The allure of DJs and all of that right? A very good friend, a very old friend was performing, and I couldn’t miss it. To the point, he had given me the privilege of being my very first interview. It was a rare full band appearance, so I took my place at the bar, sipping a vintage Miller Light for effect. Continue reading

The Lower East Side In 1995. For Serious.

This is legit. This is what Ludlow used to look like, back when no one with money would be caught dead there. Before the bars and the bunch and the lines, there were artists, and fashion, and people hanging out. You know, like you’d see in a place that people could afford to live in. I think these two videos (h/t to Corey Shaff & the Gothamist for this) can really illustrate the NYC that a lot of us remember, but is now so far from possible, it’s hard to even describe. The quality of the video is a great reminder of the era, as is the fashion, the kookiness of the