Someone Mashed UP Sia’s Chandelier with Star Wars. It’s Amazing.

Teddie Films thought about what would’ve happened after Captain Solo was frozen in carbonite, on the off chance Chewie took Han’s direction of “take care of Leia” a little too literally. The video is a fun, nerdy romp that will definitely put a smirk on your face. Especially after you see a random Asian dude trying to rock the Leia Cinnabon haircut. Can’t wait to see if the Leia/Chewie pair of costumes get some attention because of this. Happy Friday y’all! (Happy Saturday to Australia & Hong Kong, where it’s almost tomorrow already!)

Midnight Music: Puddles Returns To Cover Chandeliers By Sia!

Puddles is back!! Just be quiet and watch the clown with the golden voice amaze you. Sia’s Chandeliers is no joke of a tune and he nails it. If you really don’t believe this guy is the real deal, check out this Grantland article, “Let Me Live That Fantasy.” He’s backed up by the Postmodern Jukebox, who are swinging through NYC June 9th, rocking out the Highline Ballroom. There’s not much to say besides, watch the clown work, and appreciate good art.