It’s A Long Journey To The Top. Get To Work.

This is a picture of the Beatles in Aldershot, England, in 1961. There were 18 people in the crowd. 18. In case you don’t believe me, there’s a picture below to provide further context. That’s right ladies & gentlemen. This is pre-Ringo, pre-Sullivan, pre-everything. Everyone, even the best, start somewhere. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. It’s a new week, what plans do you have for making your life/art better?

Midnight Music: John Lennon – Imagine (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker REBOOTED Remix, AvB Edit) [Classic Trance]

(Update: It has been confirmed that this bootleg has been produced by Scott Bond & Charlie Walker with Armin making an edit of the track. Scott Bond & Charlie Walker have some amazing work here in the REBOOTED remix. You’re going to see some more of Scott Bond’s tracks here in the coming weeks. If you don’t know who Scott Bond is, just read about the nightclub he used to rock called Gatecrasher!)

If you’re a regular ASOT listener, you know that it’s the best place to find new tracks first, especially in trance & progressive. ASOT 678 was no exception. This remix of Imagine is one of the most euphoric tracks I’ve heard in years. This is the kind of stuff that festival kids eat up, but it’s still got enough legit trance elements that even the old people will sit up and pay attention. Listen to it before it gets taken down it just might. Interestingly, there is a track off of Imagine by the name of “Imagine” as well, which has a crazy good progressive build, clocking in at almost 10min. This is what trance was meant to be, and because I’m such a nice guy, it’s linked below. That’s right, a trance twofer! Enjoy the long weekend! Show the DJ & label some love on Fbook!

Midnight Music: The Beatles – Blackbird

For Throwback Thursday, I wanted to bring it all the way back to 1968. There’s a lot of perfection in this tune. If you’ve never heard of it, I’m frankly astonished, but I can’t ever judge anyone’s blindspots. The chords and the build are deceptively spot on. The imagery has been sliced and diced a thousand different ways, so I won’t comment on what the words mean. I’ll leave that to you. I used to listen to this and many other Beatles songs with my Dad. What songs do you still listen to that your parents passed to you?

Midnight Music: The Beatles – Because (The Zap Remix) [Psychedelic Chill]

For Throwback Thursday, I’m going all the way back to the Fab Four, but with a significantly more modern & eccentric twist. The Zap, a collaborative group between Raja Ram & Prometheus, pushed the limits of the original track in a lot of ways here. They know what they’re doing however, so sit back, and enjoy the psychedelic chill ride that you’re about to go on. Also, the pictures dropped into the video by the YouTube artist are great for WTF moments.

Midnight Music Valentine’s Day Edition: All You Need Is Love by Timeflies

It’s Valentine’s Day if you’re reading this within 24hrs of it being published (hey, I can’t predict when this is going to get clicked on). So, in the spirit of both the good stuff that comes with people showing affection to each other because they’re reminded to in February and the jaw-dropping level that capital markets can sharpen and polish a product, I present ” All You Need Is Love.” This hilariously over-produced combination of “trance” and “hip hop” (I uses both terms extremely loosely here) inspires thoughts about the commercialization of love and how emotion has been co-opted for fun and profit. Though, there’s a pretty fun rhyme about Sochi. Enjoy! 😉

Ringo Starr Reconstructs Picture Of High School Friends 50 Years Later

In one of the more bizarre uses of fame & stardom, Ringo Starr apparently recreated the shot of 5 friends skipping school to see The Beatles in 1964 while he toured in the USA. Ringo apparently got the group on the Today Show to reconstruct the photograph and there’s a whole lot of backstory there. Apparently they drove up to the limo and he grabbed the shot. Hit the Daily Mail link for more info: Good on you dude. Way to live up to your Simpsons portrayal.

Ten Questions with Terry Gotham: That Noble Fury

Terry Gotham: What genre would you define That Noble Fury As? I know it’s a dick question. How do you see the personal genre of the “That Noble Fury” evolving over time, if you could speculate?

That Noble Fury: That’s how we start? I think we’re rock.  Well I think it’s, you kind of find the pool that you’re in and you rotate around things that are part of your life, and what will become part of your future life. So the things that I was exposed to when I was younger have made it what it is now and we move on from there. We don’t exist in a vacuum, that’s a Frank Oz quote. Yea, I mean, when I was in Kindergarten, seeing a dance show, this show of traveling Russian dancers, and Russian music is amazing, saw Fiddler on the Roof, so that whole Eastern European sound, it became a part of me. It came out in like a certain part on this album, but I didn’t really know that’s what I was doing, until you make something, and then it’s like “Oh ok, now that it’s there, now I can become an English student about my own music. Do a report on my own novel…pretentious bastard.”  

That Noble Fury: And then you get hit by new things, when I read a play or see a play or am IN a play, watch a movie, and then all of a sudden, I think about this world differently. I did a reading with John (Astin) when I was in college. It was related to the idea of existentialism and the idea of presence, and totally influences me in this huge way. There are so many people who we come in contact with through their work, or our parents. I mean, John Lennon was dead way before you or I was born, and it’s just absurd. Like he has no sense of how big of an influence he is. He will have no idea that some little kid from Pennsylvania, now living in Astoria, was so influenced by him, and there are so many people who have the same story. He’s such a big part of my life, and that can affect everything.

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