Midnight Music: The Chainsmokers – Let You Go (Thero Remix) [Tropical]

While good Tropical is getting few & far between, I am really digging this remix by Thero. The Chainsmokers have had the Midas touch for a while now. No matter how much you pretend to dislike Selfie, they’re everywhere, and definitely deserve it. Thero takes their latest hotness and re-envisions it as an airy, future chill track that I like more each time I listen to it. There’s a whole lot of reverb put to good use here, making the track a bit harder than most tropical tunes. This is a huge step in the right direction for a genre that seemed to be spinning its wheels a bit. The heavier throb & beat structure give the track some oomph that gives it more versatility & range. I hope he’s entering it into The Chainsmokers remix contest on Beatport, cause this kind of dope shit just might win.