Midnight Music: Tune Crew ft. Silver Medallion – Racecar Driver [Electro]

Tune In Crew has pushed out some surprisingly quality tunes as of late, so I wanted to take tonight and push some electro into your face. That’s right, not only is electro still around, it’s not even BroLectro these days either. This extended mix is exactly what you want from the EDM at shows. It’s got a a progressive edge to it, while maintaining a strong vocal lead. The use of male vocals continues to win all over the place, and whoever is writing their lyrics needs more work. Some of this stuff is just perfect. Check out a quote below:

You’re just a princess in Xanax land, with an uptown apartment & a master plan.
We make out on the rooftop, heartbreak and small talk, save all our change and feed it to the jukebox.

That’s some summer pop right there, infused with some potent backbeats and a 4 to the floor driving bassline that is slightly more bouncy than I thought it would be. This makes for a tune that needs buckets of support, especially in NYC/LA (via FreshNewTracks)


Midnight Music: Max Frost – White Lies (Tune In Crew Remix) [Indie + Drum & Bass]

Tonight, I’m bringing you a remix of a Max Frost track entitled “White Lies.” The Tune In Crew are a funky duo of brothers from Strasbourg with a penchant for reworking tracks in surprisingly interesting ways. They’ve taken the indie tune and given it what could be liberally described as a drum & bass backbeat. The combination of the modified vocals, the bomping beat under the tune & their willingness to come to a complete stop at around 2.10 to emphasize just how much they’ve done to make the track their own make for a very fun four minutes. Put it into your ear holes and groove on it while you’re dancing around in your underwear getting ready for something.