Double Mix of the Week: Hospital Records Podcast 216 ft. Keeno & Maduk’s

For your holiday week, whether it’s Christmas, Festivus, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day (or something I missed that I’ll probably get angry emails for not mentioning), celebrate with a two pack of liquid drum & bass mixes straight from the internets to your sound holes. There’s no real in-app playlist, but it’s also a massive free download, so grab the mix here. The mix features several new tracks from Keeno & the first new tune by London Elektricity in THREE YEARS. Recognize & get down.

Maduk has been on my radar for most of 2013, and the competence they brought to mixing this shows why. There’s a serious amount of liquid d&b independent of hospital records as well. It’s a solid review of the tunes of the year, with a few of the highlights coming from Hybrid Minds, Feint, Metrik, Stan SB & Rameses B. If you don’t know who any of those artists are, and you’re into drum & bass, you’ve got some homework to do. Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for the boom-tch.

Merry Christmas! A Mix & A Track To Fight The Carols With!

Just in case you needed something that vaguely qualifies as Christmas music, Johnny Lectro has got you covered. This amusing electro-swing/polka track will keep the whole family moving while you warm up them Christmas vittles (or wait for Chinese delivery, you know, same thing). If that doesn’t serve up enough merryment, TheFatRat has pushed out another hour of supremely groovy, fast-paced & excellently produced mix goodness. TheFatRat is one of my favorite things about the LA area right now, and I can’t wait to see them live.

Enjoy both, have a wonderful Wednesday, may your Christmas be merry, your Kwanzaa wonderful, your Boxing Day bountiful & your New Year’s Sunny & Bright. And of course, if you celebrated Festivus on Monday, I hope there were many airings of grievances and you succeeded in all of your feats of strength.

Ministry of Sound Saved! Happy Christmas Everyone!

Just in case you needed some good news for the holidays, the Ministry of Sound is happy to oblige. On December 19th, the Mayor of London intervened and apparently a deal has been worked out to allow the Ministry of Sound to remain open even while the surroundings are under development. The world banded together to #saveourclub and it seems to have worked. Celebrate, you did something internets! (via Ministry of Sound)

EP of the Week: Chapter One: The Ruins by The Adversary


I was lucky enough to catch The Adversary performing at the NYC Unofficial Burning Man Decompression event (previewed here), and boy did he kill it. There’s a lot to like about his live set, but interestingly enough, he’s one of the few indietronica artists here in Gotham that can actually drop both live and studio session work competently. I managed to get my hands on his EP, and if you can, you definitely should check it out. And you can right from here, because I’m wonderful. The intro pushes into some angelic vocal work that bewilders & intrigues.

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2013 Country Music All Sounds Exactly The Same!

Just in case you weren’t sure, someone on Youtube managed to supercut most of the 2013 top country hits and pushed out one of the more embarrassing retrospectives of the year. Beer, Hey Girl, painted on jeans and American-built trucks continue to shine as the seeming only possible topics when it comes to a hit in the flyover states. Here’s a tip guys, call the girl by her actual name and try and do something besides drinking on the hood of your car, the ladies like that kind of stuff.

Billy Joel Announces Monthly Concerts @ Madison Square Garden


You want to know when you’ve arrived? When your monthly Residency is at Madison Square Garden. That’s right folks, Billy Joel himself will be doing monthly concerts in NYC at the Garden. In case you missed him in his prime, or wanted to do something nice for your folks/that cool aunt who always sneaks you the good wine at family gatherings, get tickets for this. But hurry, as it’s selling out obnoxiously quickly. Not Kraftwerk/Daft Punk quickly, but damn near close enough.  (via Ticketbastard)

Kraftwerk, Chic, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Soul Clap, Green Velvet & RJD2 added to Moogfest Phase II!

Just in case you didn’t know, Moogfest in Ashville NC is the premiere electronic legend event, celebrating the late Robert Moog & his fantastic work exploring, developing and ensuring the wonderful synth that we hear essentially everywhere these days. It’s fast become a mecca for those who are obsessed with creating those sounds, and the dance event associated with it has exploded to match. Just in case you’ve got a few extra days in April and you want to see where your roots come from in these crazy EDM days, you know what to do (via Beatport)

Spotiamp – Long live the Llama

I’ve spoken about my sadness surrounding the death of Winamp before. It seems the good people at Spotify agree. If you have a premium account, you can use the Spotiamp, which is a fully featured music player that looks exactly like winamp. I’ve got 2 questions. 1, can I import my own music/playlists, and two, how are the visualizers? If I can get milkdrop using Spotify, I think I may just get that premium membership.