Midnight Music: Oscilla – Colours (ft. Allume) [Soulful Indietronica]

Oscilla - Colours Ft. AllumeTonight, I bring you a gem I found on the Stoney Roads (Australian) blog. This shimmering future bass tune ft. the delightful vocals of Allume is exactly the sound I think more American artists need to be experimenting with. The combination of exceptional vocal work and synth lines that can really bring a pop audience to its knees. The words Imogen Heap come to mind, and that’s an effect that cannot be ignored. The piece could go on for hours if need be, this sound is a great I can’t wait to see others move in this direction.


Attend: NYC Gratitude & Evolver NYC Present AXIS MUNDI

(So, the whole “party of the month” thing started feeling a bit restrictive and obstinate, so I’ve decided to start a new segment called “Attend.” This will be a series of previews for events that you should…be at. Starting with one of the finest nights Gotham has to offer.)

It’s that time again! Gratitude is partnering with Evolver to lead an army of burners, builders, movers, shakers, candlestick makers, producers, riggers, bands, builders, VJs, healers & dancers to life for 18hours of classes, dancing, participation & performance. You read that right. Eighteen freaking hours. That’s 3x the party of any club or bar out there. Get with it. All afternoon, there will be classes on yoga, dance, art, environmental action and a bunch of other groovy stuff, hosted by Evolver. And then at 9 PM, there’s this guy and his friends.

So, take that, and add an epic story, with a cast of characters and a whole lot of stuff on fire. One of the things that really separates clubs/EDM from Burner culture is fire. You see explosions at huge festivals, and poi is showing up more and more, BUT no one burns like Burners. This show at 9 PM looks to be pretty bonkers and I’d imagine it’s a perfect reason to get there an hour earlier than you’d planned. Then after that insanity, there’s 3 different areas of sound, each with a retinue of Sonic Ronin that will blow minds.

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Midnight Music: Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau – Changes (Lash Remix) [Potent Indietronica]

Lash has been on a tear as of late, with a Cazzette remix and some work elsewhere on soundcloud. They’ve gotten my attention because of just how irrepressible they can be. This Changes remix from (group name of the month incoming) Faul & Wad Ad vs. Pnau (bless you) is pretty catchy & almost too sweet for most. This is a festival tune that I hope the Aussies get a hold of, with the Southern Hemisphere party season just starting to warm up. This may be a little too positive for the Halloween parties we’ve got incoming, but if you do hear it out, make sure to shake your booty. The track has gotten over 60,000 plays since it was dropped two weeks ago, so get in on the ground floor on this one.

Midnight Music: OneRepublic – I Lived (Arty Remix) [Progressive Anthem]

You’ve made it to the end of Monday, it’s all downhill from here. This triumphant remix of OneRepublic will put a swing in your step, or a swagger, whichever you prefer. The soaring vocal work gets some potent backing beats from the Russian sensation Arty. The 4:26 of progressive goodness could find its way into an Avicii or Swedish Fish Mafia set easily! The lack of big room feels are welcome in this post-Brolectro era, and I can’t wait to hear Arty & Mat Zo come back together to do some amazing touring work that will just pour buckets of Serotonin onto their fans. We’ve been waiting for years, and they’ve been steadily kicking more and more ass in their respective careers. Can’t wait for that reunion tour!