Midnight Music: Hedegaard ft Lukas Graham – Happy Home (Sam Feldt Remix)

Hedegaard ft Lukas Graham - Happy Home (Sam Feldt Remix)Sam Feldt knocks this one out of the park. I hadn’t heard the original, but now both are going to be on repeat. Sam Feldt’s one of the few producers out there right now that’s able to straddle the line between euphoric, progressive & tropical. This remix triumphs in bringing out the best parts of the song, while adding a delightful unique layer on top of his own. Spinnin’ Records has a winner in Sam Feldt, just in case you didn’t think so, this track will convince you. Enjoy it, and find your happy home y’all.  

Mortal Kombat Kosplay & Quintino Beats!

This is a weird one, but it’s kind of fun. While Spinning Records has had its share of brainless drops, the video for this one really makes it all acceptable. This entire video seems to have been shot at a Mortal Kombat Kosplay Konvention (that’s about as many K’s as you can have in a row). Instead of raging party people, or fucked up ravers, we’ve got…Sub Zero & Raiden. There is like 3.5 minutes of dance music silliness, with a whole lot of FATALITY! If you’re into big room jam stuff, you’ll enjoy this, but if you’re into nerds pretending to rip each other’s spines out of their bodies AND big room, get on it. (via Fresh New Tracks)

Playlists Of The Weekend: EDMTunes/Spinnin’ Records & InDeep 30!

Super glad that I can bring this out to share for y’all. A bunch of my peeps at EDMTunes put together this fantastic 90min of dance music for you. New illness from The Chainsmokers, deep gorgeousness from Matt Lange off Anjunabeats, Bassnectar’s summer jam & 17 more tunes. From trap bangers to progressive anthems, if you want to know what Electric Zoo sounds like right now, you’d be hard pressed to find a better sampling of tunes that are big right now. Strong by Arno Cost & Shadow of the Sun’s Mako remix are highlights as well. Hit up EDMTunes and thank them for making this happen with Spinnin’ Records. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know when the next one comes out as well.

Over on Soundcloud, there’s the next session of InDeep. These cats are quickly becoming my go to source for deep, future, tech & “insert sub-genre of house here” house. The list comes in at a manageable 72min and with new Hot Since 82, Amtrac, a fun little snippet from Marcapasos, a FANTASTIC deep house remix of Bittersweet Symphony (must listen), a joint from Mixmag featuring Jody Wisternoff & a whole lot more. If the EDMTunes playlist is your Turn Down For What list, this is your grooving, deep dark set that happens later in the night. Or now while you’re walking around cleaning the house on the long weekend before shenanigans later. Or yachting, elephant polo’ing or jousting, whatever you’re into. The tunes are quality so enjoy the almost 3 hours of music between these two playlists and rock out your weekend!

Ayah Marar Gets Ready For The Weekend With NERVO & R3HAB!

While Ayah Marar’s solo work needs no introduction, she’s fast becoming a globally recognized vocalist, doing tune after tune. This is a proper banger that needs to get into your face this Friday. You made it. Labor Day weekend is upon us, and if you’re one of the few souls still stuck in the office, jam out to this and enjoy the poppy drop and glittering break. Not a whole lot of depth needed here. Go party!