Midnight Music: Bart Claessen – Amazonia [Chippy Big Room]

Kind of annoyed about how long I sat on this tune. I kept meaning to listen to it but the universe kept throwing shit in my way you know? However, I’m totally glad I kept it on my waiting list, because it could be the birth of an entirely new genre. This is essentially a Big Room cake with Chiptune frosting. I’m not sure how Bart did it, because the build that starts at 2 min in is gorgeous, with a ton of ambient/jungle sounds to bewilder & inspire you. The 3:30 break into (via EDMTunes) could be straight off an LSDj or a GameBoy show. Serious bleep-bloops and sweatbands, my friends.


Infected Mushroom’s Erez Doesn’t Need Ableton. He Makes Tracks In DOS.

I’m not sure how to describe the insanity of what you’re seeing, especially if you’re under the age of 20. This is a digital audio workstation, in a non-Windows/OSX environment. Yup kids, this is what they used to look like. Apparently Infected Mushroom posted this file (that works with a program called “Impulse Tracker,” that is probably older than you are) to their site a few years ago. Someone grabbed it, held it, and tossed it into their version of a DOS emulator and the running program. Audio/video capture have allowed us the magic of audio time travel, allowing us to hear what Erez & his friend Jorg sounded like decades ago. It’s a competent, if somewhat overdone Synthy Psy-infused tune that wouldn’t be out of place today. If you’re into this sort of thing, check out this surprisingly excellent cover of deadmau5’s  Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff by OxygenStar. Next time some hipster producer starts talking shit, ask him if he’s produced using this shit. Then smile and nod.

Midnight Music: Saskrotch – Nintendo Breakz Volume 2 [Chip Hop/Glitch]

I have been waiting for this for literally a decade. In 2004, the Nintendo Breakz Volume One was released. A tight joint of cuts, mixed samples and hilariously on point remixed 8bit themes. Zelda, Mario, Metroid, whatever else you wanted, it was there. The mastermind behind this, Saskrotch, spiraled me into months of listening to breakcore, glitch, hip hop and some terrifying IDM.  His mixes were the stuff of legend. And just in case you don’t believe me, check his new one out below. The combination of glitch, hip hop, chiptune, breakbeats and the occasional dollop of D&B/Jungle, will get you moving. Just don’t play it for anyone who wears J. Crew. They might freak out a bit.

Midnight Music: Rakohus – Biggie + Sonic = Win

I don’t know how I missed this the last time I was in Philly, but Rakohus officially needs to do everything ever. Not only is Sonic 3 one of my favorite games EVER, but the Biggie usage was appropriate and excellently mixed in. Rakohus has a bunch of these videos on his YouTube channel. Not only are the mashups made of win, but there’s dozens of chiptune remixes there too. Just in case you don’t believe me, check out the 8bit remix of Royals. Yes, that Royals. AND because I’m feeling generous, the 8bit remix of Get Lucky.

Midnight Music: TWD Industries – ARTifractal Decay [Chippy Synth]

A good friend will get infinite props from me forever because of his willingness to constrict his vast creative vision to the 3ds workspacewhen it comes to music production. The complexity & awareness brought to a track made by a heavily modified gameboy surpasses most Pro Tools/Ableton producers by a noticeable margin. Interestingly, it still reminds me of video games (namely some ill Mega Man cut scenes), even though it’s definitely not a melody ripped from a game. Enjoy it, and here comes Friday!

Midnight Music: 8-Bit Renditions – Classic Rock Redone in Chip

Someone over at Metafilter shouted out this new YouTube Channel and its various hep renditions of classic rock & roll, alt rock & whatever else they feel like. A serious chiptune movement exists, that I’ve discussed often on the blerg. I believe tunes like this can remind others that chip is a legit genre and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in that space to make EDM stronger as a whole. Can’t wait to see who does it and pushes the genre into the big room for the first time. (via Metafilter)