Euphonik & Chris Sen Remix Candi Stanton To Create Gospel House

While the beat may sound familiar, the lyrics in this track are exceptional to me. I’ve been listening to house, funky house, Chicago house, deep house, gay house, straight house, disco house and the 50 billion other subgenres of house for years now. This is the first time I’ve heard Praise & Jesus-related words in a house track. I know there’s an extensive history of gospel influencing funk, soul, R&B and jazz, but the tracks have always sort of danced around the issue. Candi Stanton was a wildly important figure in Gospel & soul back in the 70’s, for everyone who isn’t playing the home game. I’m a big fan of this tune, made by Euphonik & Chris Sen in South Africa. I can’t even imagine what the dance scene in South Africa must be like. Parties must be freaking amazing. And if this track is any indication, the music is on point. Play this loud and see if anyone figures it out.

Just FYI, DJ Hodor’s Deep House & Electro Mixes Are Freaking Good.

So, it came out that the person who plays Hodor on Game of Thrones was also a DJ. “DJ Hodor,” or Kristian Nairn (as he’s referred to by people not being dicks about it) is actually pretty solid. The mixes he’s got up on his Soundcloud right now are definitely better than a lot of the upstarts out there. The first being a solid deep house mix that definitely keeps you moving, even when you feel you can’t go on. The second is a punch and energetic electro/progressive mix with some big room chops. It’s almost as if he can help power you through where you’re at and knows what you want, even if he can only answer in his own special way. Now that I’ve finished torturing this metaphor, check out the two mixes below and hit up his tweetery.

Mix Of The Weekend: Sounds from the Brooklyn Underground 012 with Agent Orange!

Time to get out into the sun and enjoy the day. Agent Orange is coming at you with an hour of gorgeous, sophisticated techno for you to bomp while grilling or hiking or sitting on your ass with the AC blasting directly onto your sweaty, hungover body. You know, whichever. Agent Orange is one of the only people I know consistently pushing out new releases, mixes and compilations while living the Gotham life without getting a big head. Get at this guy and if you’re a producer, hire him. The Techno Master won’t disappoint you.

Call In Sick, Verboten Grabbed whiteowljaguar, Sabo & REsy On A Wednesday Night.

Now that I’m old and whiny when it comes to going out, weeknight events are a supreme rarity for me. I’m not the spry youngling I once was, able to knock out 9hrs at the office after dancing all night. However, every once and a while, I make an exception. I may need to finally show up at Verboten and watch some old friends do Brooklyn proud before a New York selectro himself. The global, deep & soulful vibes that Sabo drops are going to hold that dance floor together well into the morning. He knocked it out of the park on playa with Robot Heart I hear, so I’d imagine this will be all of the fun, none of the need for co-signers. If they keep grabbing talent like this, Outre by Evolve and Talon & Claw

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Midnight Music: Kove – Way We Are (Dub Mix) [Deep House]

Since I yammered about Kove a little while ago, I’m delighted to say that the track has been picked up, and brings us a reworking of the tune that shimmers with quality.  The deep, techy, but still perky envisioning of the original D&B is music to my ears. There’s the necessary competent build with some slicing & dicing of the vocals in just the way your rooftop party deep house should sound. This has some potential to get pushed into some sets, especially with the break into super old school styles halfway in. The sound is very now. While I feel like a catastrophic douche for writing that, I think it’s true in a lot of ways. The retro feel given some modern bounce, in addition to the proper usage of vocals pushing into a deeper, less anthem-y sound. Listen and you tell me if I’m right?  (via

Midnight Music: Galimatias & Sorrow – Subside

Galimatias is definitely one of my artists to not miss this year, and this track reminds us all as to why. The smooth, deep house combined with just a touch of UK garage sounding beats to mellow out your evening. Galimatias. Remember the name when they open for Disclosure. You heard it here first.

Hometown Fire: DJ Dopeshoes

This episode of Hometown Fire is dedicated to someone I only became aware of in the spring, at a party I reported on here. I’m kicking myself for not discovering her sooner, as Dopeshoes stuns both the eyes and the ears. I’ve heard her spin nu/freestyle disco, deep house, with two scoops of sophistication & some style frosting on top. Others agree that she rocks, so she’s gotten some bandwidth to push a few mixes into the auralsphere/series of tubes for signal amplification. The first comes to us from a Gotham-based spot called TheBeatMill, it’s a free download, and they do a nice, quality weekly podcast. Makes for quite a better train ride for those of us who can’t stream during our commutes all over the world.

The second comes from another music site called The Couch Sessions. They do some NYC-centric work on their site & soundcloud as well as a respectable away of coverage, that includes design & food/drink, events and live coverage. So, kind of like me, but with actual staff. This is a Free DL as well, plus the house is smooth as honey and delightful. I like the Crack House genre, but I think Dopeshoes is a bit more refined than she gives herself credit.

Check out all of her social medias below and if you like it, show the love it (and she) deserves:

Hometown Fire: Deuce Takes the Cake

(This is the start of a new feature where I drop mixes done by local heroes, people in the NYC underground that are legit killing it right now. You may not know about them yet, but you will soon.)

My boy Deuce spins a delightfully deep blend of house, tech-house, techno and progressive and has been a sleeper hit in Gotham city for years now. He’s done some amazing work at Sullivan Room, National Underground and a bunch of other spots all over Manhattan & Brooklyn. I’ve heard him spin in Queens a couple of times, but that’s just because I’m a VIP, so no one get excited in Jackson Heights for an appearance quite yet.

Last weekend, he was able to close out a Momentum Afterhours party to much applause. Momentum, run by Matias Jofre, Chris Schoedel and the House Cartel, has been keeping things quality for years. I’ve spoken about Matias before, and Deuce, so if you’re playing the home game this should come as no surprise. The mix is gorgeous, relaxing, uplifting and supremely danceable. And Deuce was gracious enough to record it and drop it on the internet for us all to enjoy. Make sure to check it out if you need 120 minutes filled with some of the finest the Gotham underground has to offer.