Midweek Music: Collin McLoughlin, Tarro, Blackmill & More!

summerAnother week, another Midweek Music! This week we’re mixing it up again, bringing you highlights from a couple of different genres. Mostly new, but one classic favorite of mine.

So, this is wonderful. I’d been wondering where my favorite multi-genre artist had gone. Collin McLoughlin is one of the most versatile & talented producers out there right now. To prove it, he put the decks & launchpad controller away, sat down with a guitar and knocked out a fantastic cover of Trap Queen. You heard me right. The Fetty Wap hit has been reworked, with Collin’s honey voice  not only elucidates lyrics I never actually understood listening to the original, but is also a really legit cover. Can’t wait to hear the dance remix & some more general awesome from Collin. Go encourage him on Twitter. (via Fresh New Tracks)
Tarro, brought to us by MrSuicideSheep, serves up some wavy chill trap for your day. This is total hammock music. Tarro’s remix of IDFC by Blackbear works on a couple of levels. It’s relaxed, true to itself, and not trying to prove anything. Great work and this kid’s definitely got my attention now.
Feint‘s back with something incredible. I’ve come to love the inventive and heart-amplifying drum & bass that Feint seems to brush off his shoulders. There’s an effortlessness to this that makes me want to go fly a kite this weekend. It makes me hopeful for a better world. Yes, it’s that good.
Blackmill is finally back! He was a legend 3 years ago, for his unmatched melodic dubstep skills & he hasn’t missed a step. The ethereal, soaring melodic wobble vibe that he puts out makes you wonder when someone introduced Sigur Rios to Skrillex. It’s such an authentic, unique sound, that’s been copied, but never duplicated. Turn it on, sit back and let it wash over you.
This one is my favorite hard trance track ever. Seriously. I heard it in 2005 and nothing has come close to surpassing it. The hard house feel to it provides a level of brutality that you just can’t find in Trance anymore. This was back during the era where Sensation was actually 2 parties. Sensation White & Sensation Black. 3:40 provides the high water mark for electronic builds in the entirety of my listening history, with the break at 4:15 being what drops sound like in my fondest dreams. This is not for the faint of heart, or for people who think that trap remixes of Lean On “go hard.” This is one for the record books kids, blast it at high volume and watch those electrostep punters melt away.

See you next week!

MellowEDM, The Lighter Side Of Drum & Bass, Electro & EDM.

Get in on the ground floor ladies & gentlemen. If you’re looking for another YouTube stream to get the soothing, more chill side of the dance music spectrum, MellowEDM is off to a great start. If you wanted to learn about how to produce a channel like MrSuicideSheep, just watch this one rise. If they can keep cranking out fantastic, chilled out remixes of some amazing tunes and the interesting artists I’ve never heard of before, there won’t be anything stopping them. Klrx & Hybrid Minds are just two of the crazy good artists featured on the channel and I think it’s less than a week old. You know what to do, especially to smooth your way into Monday.

Midnight Music: Strife II – Morning Chorus [Liquid Drum & Bass]

Strife ii - Morning ChorusI told you I interviewed Strife II for a reason. This guy just had a new track of his bomped on MrSuicideSheep, the place for YouTube dopeness. As always, the stupendous piano work & vocals are center stage, supported by varsity drum & bass beat work. This guy knows what he’s doing, and this track totally reminds us all that he needs a bigger stage & a check to make this stuff sound even better. I don’t want to say too much more, because really, just put it into your face while you’re walking around in the rain, snow, or sunshine (depending on where home is of course). (From the amazing & crucial MrSucideSheep)

Earworm Of The Month: Submotion Orchestra – Swan Song (Kidnap Kid Remix)

Submotion Orchestra - Swan Song (Kidnap Kid Remix)Truly a masterpiece of our time. Kidnap Kid‘s reworking of Submotion Orchestra is a triumph. The soothing beats melt into the soulful vocals, mixing together in an almost melancholy way. Submotion orchestra recognized the quality of this remix immediately, with MrSuicideSheep joining in to get the word out. I’ve been listening to this tune for weeks, and it always seems to lift my spirits, even though it may not be the most anthemic or euphoric of what’s out there these days. The Kid had a great night at Verboten a few weeks ago, and I’m hoping he comes back to NYC soon, as a talent like this needs recognition in Brooklyn. Put this track on and let the subtle vibes wash over you.

Midnight Music: Daughter – Medicine (Sound Remedy Remix)

MrSuicideSheep has continued to dominate the YouTube music space and last month he threw out a remix of the first song I pushed out as the very first Midnight Music post, so I am happy to bring you back to it. Medicine was a raw & intense piece done by Daughter, a singer I’ve written about here a few times. Sound Remedy has swooped in and produced a stunning remix of her wistful track, maintaining the melange of melancholy and musing. They add dollop of electro & synth on the top to give it some flair. Very different but just as good as the first Midnight Music.

Midnight Music: Arkasia’s Epic Orchestral Dubstep Masterpiece “Pandemonium”

Arkasia is one of the better discoveries of my Winter 2012. There’s an astonishing quality when it comes to the sounds chosen & built for these tracks. It’s all too intense at a lot of moments in life, and I find sometimes, that can be captured competently by the right artist. It’s a rare quality that emerges when the producer knows their medium exceptionally well. Check out “The Awakening” below, for more. The orchestral but triumphant feel of the massive bass is a sound not often attempted and even more rarely achieved.

If You Don’t Know Who MrSuicideSheep Is, Change That. Today.

If You Don't Know Who MrSuicideSheep Is, Change That. Today.

MrSuicideSheep is the best part of YouTube. One of the purely music-based channels, track after track shows up and it is always quality. Whether it’s electro, drum & bass, dubstep, ambient/chillout, experimental, indie rock and even progressive house, it’s good. The gorgeous art used in backgrounds adds to the presentation as well. Really cool person, with a great story & they deserve all the success. Mixes get added from time to time, like the chill-out one I’ve linked below. Glide into your Friday. And show that channel some love.

EP of the Week – Anybody Out There by Stan SB

This week, I’ve got this tight little EP that I am kind of excited about. I am a big fan of non-EDM genres pulling in beats and other elements from trance, drum & bass, techno, dubstep, etc, but I get very sad when I hear good beats being wasted on bad pop. This kid got dropped on me by MrSuicideSheep, and I dashed for the EP. I wasn’t really sure if the single was just a random track or the sound. Boy was I in for a treat.

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