Midnight Music: Culture Shock, Shockingly Good D&B From London!

Someone get this kid a fire extinguisher, because he’s going to ignite any minute. Annie Mac dropped a track of his & thankfully, ANDY C reposted it. This is a fantastic, truly massive sound coming out of Culture Shock, and I attached not one, but two of his remixes from his Soundcloud below. If you’re into Drum & Bass, especially the stuff coming out of Netsky, ANDY C, Metrik & what Mistajam dropped on his show, you really need to put this into your face. This is the kind of drum & bass that scares people in the suburbs if it wants to, but can be smooth as silk when it needs to. Every time this kind of stuff makes it over to Gotham, I bust ass to see it, and you should too. Check out the other tracks below and show some love.

5 UK Drum & Bass Tracks That Need To Be In Your Life.

I got bored and decided to piece together a little pack of Drum & Bass tunes that you may not have heard before. If you haven’t, you’re definitely in for a treat, because these liquid, melodic & deep dnb anthems are exactly what you need to get you through the week.

First up, Etherwood reworking a Jakwob piece. Both UK producers & maestros, the smooth, almost Eastern vibe pushes into your awareness slowly. Debuted first on Annie Mac, this silky ethereal vibe

Fred V & Grafix do stellar work out of Hospital Records, but this remix of my favorite Netsky track from 2014 is an absolute gem. Running Low ft. Beath Ditto is a crucial track for any of the distressed party people we all know, with Fred V & Grafix bringing a symphonic feel to the original that I bet even Netsky didn’t see coming.

If you’ve not heard this before, or the words “Strife II” don’t ring a bell, stop what you’re doing and listen to this. Right now. It’s got some of the most powerful composition & production I’ve ever heard from a producer. This kid needs a label to discover him and it needs to happen yesterday. This track is a frisson-inducing tear jerker that would reduce dancefloors to quivering piles of feels. I would pay good money to see this live and I hope it happens

This was on my October 2014 Soundcloud playlist and if you missed it, change that. The heaviness is powerful, but it keeps the energy up surprisingly well.
Keeno is the crown prince of Hospital Records, and with tracks like this, it’s easy to see why. The effortlessness that seeps into every aspect of his production is readily apparent in this track. It’s got the vocal pop that it needs to hopefully even get some radio play in places that actually play drum & bass on the radio. This American is going to go sulk now.

Midnight Music: Sakima – Energy (Courage Remix) [Deep UK Funky House]

This one caught me by surprise. 3min in, ethereal power ballad build, with notes of Disclosure & funky garage-styled vibes. The break keeps you on your toes and should be in the armamentarium (totally a real word!) of any Brooklyn DJ who is spinning irregular house these days. It’s Monday at midnight, the hardest part of the week is over. Just think about all those Halloween parties bearing down on you. (via Fresh New Tracks)

Waiting All Night By Rudimental – British Single @ 2014 Brit Awards!

My absolute favorite release of last year “Waiting All Night” was named the Best Single in London and I really could not be happier. The tune is triumphant, and a sound that I hope achieves radio play because it’s just so damn good. The combination of massive trumpet, massive vocals from the 19 year old divine vocalist Ella Eyre & seriously massive drum & bass makes for a proper track, to use the local lingo. Get at the video and hit up Rudimental on Twitter & Facebook. Tell the amazing trumpet player Mark Crown that Terry Gotham sent ya.

What’s The Story Morning Glory? 6 AM Dance Parties In The UK!


HuffPo Lifestyle UK reports that the UK has started having sober, 6 AM parties. Free coffee and massage will be provided, but do NOT show up from a night of raging. This is apparently for all of the people who seem to need to shake thier moneymaker before heading into the office. What do you think? Would you be down to get in an hour or two of booty shaking on a Wednesday morning? Apparently they have smoothies so I might be able to be convinced, depending on the genre of music of course. Hit up the page and hit up the comments if you can’t imagine dragging your sorry ass to a dance floor before 11 PM.