Midnight Music: Bart Claessen – Amazonia [Chippy Big Room]

Kind of annoyed about how long I sat on this tune. I kept meaning to listen to it but the universe kept throwing shit in my way you know? However, I’m totally glad I kept it on my waiting list, because it could be the birth of an entirely new genre. This is essentially a Big Room cake with Chiptune frosting. I’m not sure how Bart did it, because the build that starts at 2 min in is gorgeous, with a ton of ambient/jungle sounds to bewilder & inspire you. The 3:30 break into (via EDMTunes) could be straight off an LSDj or a GameBoy show. Serious bleep-bloops and sweatbands, my friends.

Midnight Music: The Weeknd – Often (Kygo Remix) [Sex Bass]

Great googly moogly. Kygo has picked up a tune by The Weeknd, resulting in one of the pantie droppiest tracks of 2014. I’m not sure how to communicate how important it is that you grab this FREE download immediately. The Weeknd has continued his ascent into the realm of spine-tingling vocal work, with Kygo exploring the uncharted realms between house and R&B. This remix is a must listen, especially for anyone who wants to know where R&B and the more soulful end of hip hop is headed. The track flows, with (h/t to EDMTunes for the first push)

Midnight Music: Raffael De Luca ft. Bill Burr – That DJ Music

Ok, this is funny. Bill Burr had some words about DJs (on Conan I believe) and scored some points busting on EDM culture in front of a live studio audience. Burr has a way with words, and I’ve been a fan of his for a long time, and these jokes were right up my alley. I was delighted to find out a Gotham City DJ Raffael De Luca pushed out a hilarious remix of this vocal work. Can’t believe it took me two weeks to get up on this! (via EDMTunes)

Midnight Music: Pendulum – The Island (OLWIK Bootleg) [Progressive Jam]

The producers are getting younger and younger. For this week’s motivational midnight music, get a load of this 17 year old out of Sweden. The reworking of the amazing Pendulum track “The Island” is a masterful, driving progressive house anthem that I’m kicking myself for not discovering sooner. The euphoria is strong with this kid and I’m hoping that nothing gets in his way. Because seriously, I’ve been waiting for the pendulum (you see what I did there?) to swing away from the big room electro crapola into some potent melodic. And this guy’s got the chops to lead the charge.

Skrillex Reminds You To Never Give Up.

Skrillex Reminds You To Never Give Up.

I’ve backed off the motivational quotes lately because I didn’t want to be tossed into those wacky positivist blog clusters that the internet is building. However, this is a bit too close to home. Skrillex wasn’t even Skrillex when he started working on playing in front of thousands of people. Don’t stop doing what you love, no matter how crazy people think it is. This advice is invalid if you love anything terrible like child pornography or big room house.

Mix Of The Weekend: When Did Collin McLoughlin Get Deep?

My people at EDMTunes have made a serious pick up when it comes to exclusive mixes. I don’t know who convinced Collin McLoughlin to go deep for his new mix, but the Gods sing their praises. This new direction from the dubstep remix maestro extraordinaire is astonishing. To not only switch gears, but to make it seem effortless is truly amazing. The mix convinces me we need to get the kid at a Verboten or Deep Space events ASAP. Someone call Reda Briki and get this kid at Sankeys please. Because if they don’t…I just might.

Midnight Music: Neon Trees – Sleep With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix) [Anthem House]


I was lucky enough to see The Chainsmokers when they played a warehouse party in Brooklyn about 8 months ago and yes, they absolutely killed it, so be jealous. Their star was moving along at a brisk pace until it went supernova with #SELFIE. Now, I’m hearing co-workers & friends quoting the lyrics while they complain about the culture. Love it or hate it, they moved the needle and started a conversation both about the idea of selfies and the people who take them. They dropped a new remix today and I have to say, you’re going to hear a lot of these guys this summer.

The tune has anthem written all over it and I’m going to count the minutes until I hear sets with multiple Chainsmokers tracks in them by DJs globally. The remix has a potent injection of energy while not saturating you with cheese. The lyrics & original vocal work are used appropriately and not stamped out by the big room sound like you’d expect. Expect to hear this a lot, and be glad it’s this and not the 86 inferior clones of this sound currently sitting in various charts on Beatport.(via EDMTunes)

Midnight Music: ZHU – Paradise Awaits (Soulful Future Garage)

If you haven’t heard of ZHU, don’t feel bad, this one came out of absolutely nowhere. ZHU has released a few previous remixes anonymously and eventually revealed himself after a particularly sick Outkast cover that I tweeted about around my birthday. ZHU has a great handle on a dozen different genres and his mastery lends itself to a vibey, r&b-infused garage track that keeps chugging along but gives off the impression that it’s cool, it just doesn’t think it’s cool cause it’s spending all of its time being cool. Now that I gave you the least descriptive sentences in recent memory, hit up the track and go mob his soundcloud & twitter pages. (tip from JLeo of EDMTunes)

The Kids Are Alright: 5 Tracks From Under 18 Producers That Rock

While the elders will always command the most respect, every year the producers get younger and younger. Porter Robinson, Madeon and Mr. Garrix all got their start before they could drink in the USA, but the kids I’ve got for you today haven’t even graduated high school. Just in case you were feeling like you’d accomplished a lot with your life.

First up, on a tip from EDMTunes, Tronxslyde drops some serious multi-barrel electro. There’s some chip, there’s some euphoric (I didn’t know there could be euphoric electro) and a heavy dose of “when did Madeon release a new track?” There’s so much quality here, and he’s 14. Fourteen. Like, I don’t even think I knew what music was at 14, and this kid’s dropping bompin’ electro. Amazing, and it’s a Free Download.

Just A Gent has been making major waves down under over the last few months, churning out remix after quality remix. This tune has seen daily rotation on my commute and it makes the subway less dismal. Which is a feat, as us Gothamites know. The upbeat remix of the American Authors track is not to be missed, especially as this 16 year old is going to start getting a lot of attention.

Zaxx’s new tune “Annihilate” is about as brutal as the title implies. There’s a big room anthem sound here that can’t be ignored. This is the sound most people try and get by red-lining their shit and failing hard. Never heard of this 16year old but I won’t soon forget the name I don’t think. Drop this on your friends during fist-pump sets.

Another 16 year old, this time a classically trained pianist & cellist, White Raver Rafting tipped me off to this remix of M83’s offering to the Divergent soundtrack. The soundtrack is surprisingly electronic, and Miller Guth does the original & M83 proud. The progressive build is fantastic & the break is exactly what you’re going to hear at every festival this summer, except a little more pretty and a little less Animals’y. There’s a sparkly nature to it that I can

The elder in the group clocks in at 17, and has an astonishing command of a DAW. The production value on this ambient chillwave/future garage is staggering. The talent is serious and there’s a competence with syncopation that we don’t see from producers of any age, much someone who should by all rights still be goofing off in band class. Someone needs to snatch this kid up and make sure he doesn’t turn into the UK Garage version of Bieber.

Deadmau5 Turns His Car Into The Most Expensive Nyan Cat Tribute In The World.

Just when you thought Holden Caulfield…I mean, erm, deadmau5, could get any wackier, EDMTunes reports (with pictures) on the hilarious paint job deadmau5 gave his ride. I wish his Coffee Run series had an external GoPro to record the reactions of people on the street or in cars driving by. For the lulz of course. (via Liz Kate of EDMTunes)