Midnight Music: The Prodigy – Out Of Space

A good friend reminded me that people don’t know/remember The Prodigy, so I’m going to be taking some time over the weeks and months to come, to right that particular wrong. The Prodigy’s effect on music in the 90′s could largely be described in the same way you’d describe the effects of a soccer riot in a quiet UK community. The obliteration of the rules by Liam after Fat Of The Land, Voodoo People & the other albums, remixes EPs & cuts to name, paved the way for EDM in the USA. If you don’t believe me, to put this in perspective, they headlined Coachella in 2002. If you didn’t even know Coachella was around in 2002, respect. Out Of Space is one of their earlier hits, that even most people familiar with the group haven’t heard. The severely old school rave track has a beat that cannot be ignored, and sample work that cannot be taken seriously.

Morrissey Announces New Album Filled With Hilariously Emo Track Titles.

Morrissey has always impressed me, though I find the sound to be somewhat difficult to take seriously. However, after seeing the new album’s track names, it’s going to be really hard to listen to someone in Colonial Williamsburg detail how he was an inspiration for their current singer-songwriter “identity.” These are kind of amazing:

1 World Peace Is None Of Your Business (4:21)
2 Neal Cassady Drops Dead (4:02)
3 Istanbul (4:40)
4 I’M Not A Man (7:50)
5 Earth Is The Loneliest Planet (3:38)
6 Staircase At The University (5:30)
7 The Bullfighter Dies (2:05)
8 Kiss Me A Lot (4:03)
9 Smiler With Knife (5:13)
10 Kick The Bride Down The Aisle (5:18)
11 Mountjoy (5:08)
12 Oboe Concerto (4:07)

When “Oboe Concerto” is the least maudlin sounding track name on the album, I can’t wait to hear what this sounds like.

Armin Van Buuren + Frozen’s “Let It Go” = Get Your Kids Dancing.

Just in case you had forgotten that “Let It Go” song from Frozen, Armin dropped this a little over a week ago. While I’m certainly not the first to post this, I want to emphasize, there is a trance remix of a female led Disney movie. I think every part of that sentence illustrates how far Western culture has progressed in the last 20 years when it comes to being more inclusive of non-heteronormative narratives. Also, it’s catchy as hell. (via  EDMTunes)


Midnight Music: Acid Future – “Don’t Stop” [Disco House]

While some flail and flounder choosing between disco, house & acid flavors of dance music, Arveene & Misk are shining examples of what it sounds like when you get it right. This quick, fabulous, dance-all-night track has a tight little preview on YouTube (seen above). The GoPro was put to great use for the video, as the excitement of the biking matches the tune quite well. There’s some glamour in the melody & chord work that compliments the globe-trotting video footage. Enjoyable start to finish, so hit up the Beatport if you agree.

Billy Corgan Signs Up To Drop Not One, But Two Smashing Pumpkins Albums in 2015.

FACT is reporting that Smashing Pumpkins, out of the public eye for years, will be roaring back onto the scene. Not one but two new albums in 2015, titled Monuments To An Elegy and Day for Night. I missed the original wave of enjoying these guys with friends in school, but I can’t ignore their prominence & influence. If there’s a single coming this year, I’ll try to throw it up here. Until then, expect guitars & Billy Corgan, who has been doing some interesting stuff these days.

Vocalizr: New Tool That Matches Vocalists With Producers.

Beatport alerted me to an interesting new site that’s cropped up over on the blogs over the last few weeks or so. This matching service between vocalists & producers is something I’ve always wondered about. The matching, connections and regulation to prevent exploitation is something every industry struggles with. To be able to crowd-source work requests and recruit talent in a secure fashion is huge, and ensures no one (hopefully) gets screwed. Producers looking for voices, get at this. Vice versa? Do the same.

Midnight Music: Jon Lajoie – High as F#%k

Jon Lajoie has been a minor YouTube celebrity for as long as I can remember, and to celebrate this combo Passover/Easter/Bicycle Day/420/Hitler’s Birthday weekend, he’s earned the midnight music slot. This indie rock ballad referencing elevated states is smart & definitely not an unabashed thumbs up of cannabis culture. Just like when you forget to get drinks and snacks at the store, it’s not all good. Enjoy & happy 420 y’all, go to bed, you’ve been up since 420 AM.