2CI, For Many, A Better Class Of Criminal.

I alluded to something that I wanted to explore a little more this week. The idea that research chemicals are being done because the drugs people “want” to be doing aren’t available. This idea is not new. The drug that we’re speaking about on Drug Fact Friday (Get at us on Twitter using #2CFrIday today at 4:30 PM EST, 1:30 PM if you’re blessed to live over there) is 2C-I. To note, this is not the 2c–NBOMe drug that we talked about last week. We’re not high, this is actually a drug that was made illegal in 2012. That’s 5 minutes ago in the grand scheme of things. This is the reason why.

When drugs become harder to find, people don’t stop doing drugs, they simply seek analogues. “Analogues,” are essentially drugs that have similar arrays of effects, while not being the same specific chemical. For example, some people would do amphetamines if they couldn’t find cocaine, while others would seek mushrooms if they couldn’t get acid or whatever. This stuff hasn’t been researched, but if you hang around users enough, these patterns become apparent. People seek a certain assortment of physical/mental/emotional symptoms, and repeat their experience until they get it. When they can’t get it, they go looking. People who couldn’t get classical hallucinogens in the 00’s turned to 2C-I and a couple of other research chemicals. The substances were still legal to synthesize, so it was a simple matter of ordering them online and blocking off a Saturday to be a human guinea pig. Again, I want to stress, these are chemicals large volumes of people just haven’t done. We’ve not seen any real terrifying effects, but to note, we don’t have good data (again). Duration of trip ranges from 4-18 hours. I want to repeat that. Different people taking the same dose, have trips that vary in length by a factor of 4. You got anything to do on Monday?

I’m being glib of course, but I want to remind people of a concern that comes up when people decide to experiment. It was used primarily when you couldn’t find LSD or mushrooms, and that reinforces my point from last week. Making drugs illegal forces people to make more risky decisions in search of the same experience. This in turn leads to medical spending and a general bad time if things don’t go swimmingly. Seems unnecessary to me. There are plenty of reports about the substance online at Erowid and if you want to read the notes of the inventor, here is the reference from Pihkal.

Steve James Makes Me Feel Bad About My Choice In High School Extracurricular Activities.

So, it’s officially not a fluke. I think I’m just going to start calling Keeno, Elephante, Just A Gent & Steve James Young Justice. There’s a competence that’s only going to get better with age here, and when I was 17, I thought I was a bad ass because I knew what Napster was. His most recent remix is a main room euphoric anthem remix of Wolf Gang’s “Lay Your Love Down.” Which, frankly, is a great direction. The decision to head into indie records is HUGE, for anyone out there reading this, DO THAT. Stop trying to remix Lorde or Radiohead, or Ellie Goulding, as someone named diplo or Calvin Harris has done it first and better. The branching into an indie track not only gives him a unique opportunity to drop banger shit on something that hasn’t had banger shit on it already. That technical description is a glib attempt to remind you that, really, after Kaskade’s remix of Young & Beautiful, a lot of people forgot what the original sounded like. Same with Armand Van Helden when he created the global remix by reworking Professional Widow by Tori Amos. To that end, it’s executed flawlessly. It goes to the right progressive places and doesn’t really dawdle about it. Check your man out on Soundcloud & Twitter and bomp as needed.

Rameses B Week Continues With Moonlight!

We’re over the hump! To celebrate, enjoy this classic Rameses B track from 2012. Moonlight was one of the first tunes I’d ever heard from him, it was one of those tunes that got me through a really bad place in 2012. You know those songs that find you in the darkness and remind you there’s still light in the universe? This is one of them. It makes you stop, listen, and remember. The crescendo build reaches a dizzying height at 3:44 and pulls you back into the crushingly beautiful chillstep that we’ve grown to love and expect from Rameses B. Enjoy the tune, grab the EP here,  and see everyone tomorrow for more Rameses B week!

Monstercat’s 3 Year Anniversary Video Is Amazing.

In case you needed another reason to love Monstercat, the plucky indie label I’ve grown to adore, their 3 year anniversary video will blow you away. Didrick, one of the sonic samurai employed by Monstercat, pulls us through an epic journey, mixing 78 songs into one crisp megamix that clocks in just under 3min 25sec. It’s a triumph, besides a gorgeous showcase of the Monstercat library. There’s so much to like here that it will probably trick you into buying a track or 6. Make sure to show them some love, as they’re one of those non-evil groups that is trying to do right by their artists. (via DaveEDMT)

http://www.edmtunes.com/2014/09/monstercat-celebrates-3-year-anniversary-78-song-mashup/ via

Midnight Music: Vicetone ft. Collin McLoughlin – Heartbeat (Rameses B Remix)

Any fan of this blog knows that I’m a huge fan of Rameses B. I think he’s one of the most talented producers out there. So, because I only blog because I like to nerd out about artists I like, and I REALLY LIKE Rameses B, I’m doing a whole week of posts featuring his music. That will include the fact that he crowd-funded a new level of gear and production equipment for himself, in a humble but effective campaign that was executed flawlessly. More on that later ;)

This is an older favorite that shows just how good of a remix artist Rameses B is. Vicetone picked up an amazing producer & vocalist by the name of Collin Mcloughlin and pushed out a quality original track. Rameses B breathes new, glittering life into it, adding his signature frisson (that shiver) inducing chillstep and sparklebass (is that a genre? can it be?). Someone needs to put this remix in front of Seven Lions, because now I really want to pay to see a Rameses B, Collin McLoughlin & Seven Lions show. Can this be a thing please? It would be the most euphoric dubstep show ever. There would be no serotonin anywhere else in the city. Ok, sorry, where was I. Yes, dope track, by Rameses B, because that dude is dope, and makes dope shit. See y’all Wednesday night with your next piece of Rameses B awesome!


Terry Gotham:

I want to buy this guy several beverages and just listen to him talk. Everything here is on point, though he’s a little harsh on Armin. But it’s funny, so I’ll let it slide ;)

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I’m fucking 34 years old. To some of you that is mad old. You’re like “that dude is gonna die soon”. Or you’re like “wow, are you a parent?”. Neither apply. And you know what? I’ve outlived Jesus. Yeah. It’s therefore logical to infer that I’m smarter than him, have made better life decisions and you would actually do better to listen to me. Fuck yeah. Now that we’ve cleared that I have unquestionable authority let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What is the worst shit in EDM today. Some would say everything. That’s an acceptable answer. The term EDM is fucking stupid as I explained here.

But what if we were picky? What if we picked the worst of the worst? Let’s stop fucking talking and start doing. I’m gonna force myself to actually listen to this shit for the first time in my life. Here’s the…

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Puddles Returns With A Perfect “Hallelujah” By Leonard Cohen.

Puddles Pity Party is one of the most authentic & crushingly beautiful performers out there now. A sound that legitimately surprises while it compels, with artistry & execution to match. This is now my favorite version of the song, and I’m expecting it to get picked up for all of those sad montage scenes movies use the tune for any minute now. I’m all about Puddles Pity Party, and I couldn’t be more happy that people are starting to know about him. This performance out in San Francisco is a great example of what Gothamites have in store for them if they check out his show at Joe’s Pub on Tuesday night (h/t to AF for the tip). That’s something not to miss y’all. If I ever found a genie, I’d probably use one of my wishes to get an interview with Puddles. Man, that would be an amazing conversation I wager.