Chaka Khan In NYC! Saturday Only & For Charity!

I don’t usually throw out events that aren’t sweet rave parties, but anyone who knows the roots of dance music knows where it came from. Funk, Rhythm & Blues, Hip Hop, Gospel, Disco & Jazz inspired the artists you hear every day. You may not know it, they may not even know it, but it’s there. Chaka Khan, Queen of Funk, has been topping charts and singing since your before your parents met. There’s a lot of house that can be traced to her & the work of her colleagues in the Funk era.

There’s a charity called Lend a Hand and Foot that’s sponsoring a VIP friends & family area inside of the Hammerstein Ballroom show. Funds will go to benefit ongoing projects in Haiti (Remember Haiti? That place still needs help.) and Bed Stuy, because again, that place still needs help too. The Facebook invite is here and there are links to tix and media/press contacts there as well. This is a great cause and a timeless artist, so if you’re looking for something to do with your family, this might be a cool way to spend Saturday night. Keep it funky y’all.

(Picture from Radio Facts All Rights Reserved)

Midnight Music: Cazzette ft. The High – Sleepless (Steve James Remix) [Progressive House]

Ah, August, the kids are going back to school. And in this case, also making awesome progressive remixes of a hot Cazzette track. Not exactly the standard story you expect when someone tells you about their Summer vacation. The shimmering chopped up beat is playful and shows that Steve James isn’t slacking. There’s a chic vibe to the tune but it still pushes into the anthemic territory and rides around up there. The track is easy to like and I’d be surprised if I didn’t hear this in the sets chasing the summer sunset. The original Cazzette mix is potent and this gives it even more festival recognition and viability. I’m hoping this results in greater exposure for both Steve James and Cazzette. There’s a lot to like about this progression in sound and I for one am delighted it’s happening. Big Room is dead, long live Progressive.

How To Enjoy Burning Man From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Terry Gotham:

Actually Legit. Have fun you crazy kids. Tamp down your rebar, buy an extra pair of sunglasses and PISS CLEAR!

Originally posted on Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man:

Didn’t get a ticket this year? Scared off by the $1000+ price on Stubhub – or the ire of the Burnier-Than-Thous if you pay more than $380 for a ticket? Don’t worry, because now you can enjoy Burning Man from the comfort of your own home.

From Tedd St Rain-bow:

How to enjoy the Burning Man Experience from the Comfort of your Own Home (just in case you felt bad about not going):

  1. Tear down your house. Put it in a truck. Drive 10 hours in any direction. Put the house back together. Invite everyone you meet to come over and party. When they leave, follow them back to their homes, drink all their booze, and break things.
  2. Stack all your fans in one corner of the living room. Put on your most fabulous outfit. Turn the fans on full blast. Dump a vacuum cleaner bag in front of…

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Childish Gambino Wants To Be A “White Rapper.”

Childish Gambino is wonderful, and trying so hard to be authentic in a world full of posers. This happened on Twitter and it gets exactly to the problems that he & millions around the world face. It’s a potent plea to not be misunderstood, and to be accepted. Donald Glover is one of the people I want to see succeed at all he attempts most in this world. He deserves every iota of it. (via r/Frisson)

Serj Tankian & Benny Benassi Are Making EDM Now. Fear.

Ok, this is kind of bonkers. Serj Tankian (yes, that one. The one from System of a Down.) and Benny Benassi (of Satisfaction) have teamed up and pushed out a Big Room track. And, like, it’s better than Animals. Serj Tankian absolutely KILLS IT on the vocals. The symphonic preview that I’ve attached above is exactly the direction I want Big Room to move in, even if we’re still the hard electro drop at 2:10 could be a little bit more trance-y if you ask me. Though, I think everything could be a little more trance-y. The tune is a solid banger that I’d probably even post if it didn’t have Serj rocking the vocals, which, is saying quite a bit. This collab is going to be huge, kudos to ULTRA for picking this up and h/t to EDMTunes for the notification.

Midnight Music: Junkie XL vs. Elvis Presley – A Little Less Conversation [Funky Pop]

Throwback Thursday this week is getting a little love from Junkie XL. This hit was all over the place back in 2010, and it still gets me going to this day. The music video has a significant focus on the totally different styles of dance that Americans have been known to employ on the floor. This visual assistance in differentiating parts of the track allow for some fun back and forth with the different movers & shakers. Musically, Junkie XL did an exquisite job staying true to the original, respecting Elvis’ perfect vocals, while adding a bunch of rock-infused kicks that amp up the energy even further. If you’ve not heard this, you owe it to yourself, so get on with it, shut up and dance.