Who Is This Vocalist?! Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” Becomes “You Gotta Go!”

So Earmilk broke this crazy sounding track, and I’ve been trying to guess who the hell it is. It’s cool as hell and the vocals are 100% on point. The cleverness of changing “You Oughta Know” to “You Gotta Go” turns the 90s vocal sadness soundtrack into a huge, punchy dance anthem. This is going to get played at every festival ever. This has the catchiness of Turn Down For What but without the stupid dub-lectro feel and zero heart. But there’s no artist info anywhere! Right now, I’ve narrowed it down to three possible vocalists, and I need your help (yes you, the reader, all 12 of you) to ID this tune! It’s between Ayah Marar, Aja Volkman or Dia Frampton. Check out these tracks by each of them and let me know which you think.

3 Rap Mashups You’ll Laugh At.

First up is Busta Rhymes vs. Thomas The Tank Engine. This works way more than I thought it would. Also, holy crap Busta raps fast. This gets out of hand, and it’s only 45 seconds long.

Slim Shady beats + Gas Pedal = An intense amount of win. Especially considering a whole lot of young listeners have no idea what this beat is. The end gets a little dumb but that just shows what happens when you turn your knobs all the way.

Last one is kind of shocking. Ludacris + Angry Birds works way too well. Like, I’m kind of shocked, though I really shouldn’t be. This + the Busta stuff proves that we should just make a cartoon with Luda, Busta, Marshall Mathers & Nas fighting the evil Chris Brown Empire. Along the way they learn the meaning of friendship, justice and learning, is this possible? Can we make this happen?

Midnight Music: MitiS ft. Crywolf – Oasis (Vocal Mix) [MitiSstep]

I don’t know how he keeps doing it. MitiS knocks another one out of the park, this time, pushing out the first single from his new Oasis EP. This triumphant epicstep carries the lofty standard of quality we’ve come to expect from MitiS forward mightily. The soaring synthy step-y lines accompanied by some almost soulful male vocals by Crywolf make for a wonderful little track. There’s a rambling, almost pop-punk quality to the tune that comes in during the isolated anthemic vocals. The ping-pong beats glitter along, making you feel as if you’d just beaten a Mega Man game for the NES or something. This makes his upcoming tour even more exciting. The full EP drops at the end of the month. Don’t sleep on it.

Mix Of The Weekend: UKF Bass Culture 3!

This 13min teaser mix showed up on the UKF YouTube channel today. The quick, neat delightful compilation pulls tracks from Kove, Nero, Feed Me, Buku & a ton more. The mixing is top notch, with the tunes fired out as fast as you’d expect from UKF DJs. This reminder of the vast quality that the label puts out on a regular basis is nice, to the point and available everywhere. The 2 discs have insane amounts of quality, with tracks from Galantis, Pegboard Nerds, Fred V & Graffix, Netsky, Dimension, Noisia & that sweet London Grammar remix by ANDY C. Pick it up on iTunes, and hit up the full playlist on Spotify below!

Scott Bond’s REBOOTED Label Needs Your Attention. Classic Trance Perfection!

This is the type of sound I’ve been waiting for. This new REBOOTED record label is kind of everything I want in a trance label. Scott Bond has collected some great talent for this & the remixes on this release are exquisite. I hope you listen to each one.

The original mix hits all of the right classic UK trance sounds in under a minute. It reminds that there’s a place for this type of synth-led chord line that I’ve been listening to since I was in high school. This combined with Jan Johnston’s perfect vocal work results in one of these old school tunes that I would flip my shit if I heard played out live. The track is long, the builds are exactly what they need to be and there isn’t a stupid EDM “drop” for miles. Obsidian Radio is a name to watch out for, I know that much for sure.

The Allen & Envy remix is a pulsing, potent force that shimmers as it drives along. This is the harder end of trance, this 138bpm remix does the original justice while pushing the energy even higher. The vocal pull down is exactly what dancers need about three minutes in, giving a respite while glimmering in its build-up. This is one of the sounds that I think needs to be heard from coast-to-coast here in the USA, and with tracks like this, I know it’s going to happen.

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Amazing Metal Cover Of Aphex Twin’s “Popcorn Song”

Charlie Parra del Riego needs to get hired to some crazy awesome band in the next 5 minutes. Anyone who can play Aphex Twin on a guitar deserves my attention. He also asks (in Spanish) “Don’t forget to post your comment, suggestions or insults in the comments section.” That’s badass. Great job and can’t wait to hear more from this Peruvian wonder. (via Laughing Squid)