Midnight Music: Fall Out Boy + Steve Aoki = Emo Pop Punk EDM Win.

A friend of mine turned me on to this track and I am so thankful. This is the type of crossover work I can respect, even though I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of either end of this collab. This heavy pop electro smacks of where a lot of that crowd that used to listen to Simple Plan or Sum 41 needs to be hearing these days. With Blink182 being essentially classic rock these days, the “fuck your ideology & aesthetic” streak within us needs to go somewhere. I’m a big fan of Fall Out Boy’s choices here, and the anthem break at 2:31 makes me really curious to see what a dance floor hearing this would do. I kind of want to see moshing ravers.

Let The Week of Rameses B Begin!

This week, I decided to celebrate one of my very favorite producers, Rameses B. This modern-day master of all things production & sonic. This tune was pushed out today, but I’m going to be spending some time going back through his discography, and posting my favorite tunes of his. This track is quintessential Rameses B. A lush soundscape, tugging on the heartstrings with soothing vocals, B knows exactly what he’s doing, and every sound in this tune is exactly where it needs to be. The broken beats that show up 50 seconds in, pull you into a delightful, minimal liquid drum & bass track. For everyone who doesn’t know, thems be my jams. Check this thing out, and make sure to show the guy some love on YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook  & Twitter. If there is any indie, underground artist that deserves your support, it’s this guy.

And yes, check back tomorrow for my next Rameses B feature!

DVS Is Back. Rejoice & Be Glad.

Thankfully, DVS blessed Noisey & the wider intertrons with another track, one starting with what is now my favorite sample usage of all time. Can we get a compilation of tracks just with Who Framed Roger Rabbit quotes? I feel like Toon Town + DVS & his peeps like Lakutis, Big Baby Gandhi & Kool A.D. would officially win the rap game forever. Until then, check the positively irrepressible flow of DVS and hit up his royally hilarious Twitter. Trust. The dude can beat you with words both in rhyming and in under 144 characters. Recognize.

Midnight Music: MØ – Don’t Wanna Dance (Phazz Edition) [Melancholy Future Bass]

This reworking of some Lana Del Rey-style vocals out of MØ by Phazz is freaking great. This is the kind of indie + bass collaborative efforts that I think the ears of Americans should be hearing. The vocal modulations mesh with the lush, bassy soundscape perfectly. This tune has a lot to teach indie artists about arrangement & element usage. Choosing the dozen synthy effects in this track must have been difficult, but the decisions were spot in. Check out Phazz‘s stuff and the artist with the character I can’t type.


Mix Of The Week: Shifty Rhythms’ GRIMECRAFT Guest Mix [Chip Trap & 16-bit UK Bass]

Got a message about this from a dope DJ friend in Philly and I can’t deal with how good this mix is. This swagger-filled fusion of vgm, chiptunes, trap, hip hop, UK bass & whatever he decides to throw in needs to be heard by as many of my Nintendo generation as possible. This 37min mix has tunes from Ryan Hemsworth, AOBeats, ABSRDST, a sweet bunch of mashups and so many VG samples you’d think you were playing Smash Brothers at a Mad Decent party. Which, totally needs to happen now. Because I would DEFINITELY PAY CASH MONEY to play Smash Brothers on 3DS’s with heads that are kicking back and taking in a Mad Decent show. Check out more of GRIMECRAFT’s stuff here, and kudos for DJ Cutman for bringing this dude to a party in Illadelphia recently. Wouldn’t have heard of him otherwise, so respect.

Ryoji Ikeda Will Be Messing With Times Square Just Before Midnight All October.

So, apologies for the lateness of this post, as I had no idea. It seems ambient producer & artist Ryoji Ikeda has been dropping test patterns, images & sound every night in Times Square. He takes control of all of the billboards for 3 minutes a night, removing all the ads & putting minimal, ambient & IDM with visuals to match, from 11:57 to 12 midnight every night. I can’t say I’ve ever heard of a visual artist taking over all of the screens in Times Square, but now I REALLY want to see what that control station looks like. That must be a crazy set up. Check out some of Ikeda’s stuff below, if you’re into this kind of thing. If you happen to be in Times Square at 11:30, maybe hang out for 27 minutes to check this out before it ends Oct. 31st. (via Stoney Roads. Which, to learn about something cool in Times Square from an Australian music blog is just a sad proof of the times we live in.)

NBOMe, TomorrowWorld, Woodstock And Honesty.

I believe, if left unchecked, NBOMe will damage the dance music scene on a scale that hasn’t been seen since the RAVE Act. I’ve been doing some research for the last several months, and this issue has continued to crop up. 25i, NBOMe or N-Bomb, as it’s called, has been repeatedly showing up at festivals and parties on the East Coast. At this point, NBOMe has killed more Americans than Ebola. I don’t mean to be glib, but there just in the last month there are NBOMe associated deaths reported in BocaBoston & Mankato, Minnesota. There’s also been reports of people using/dying in Australia, but of more concern to our domestic festival attendees, TomorrowWorld may have had some of this stuff as well.

Something happened at TomorrowWorld that I think illustrates really the central issue that American festival culture needs to confront. This is a market demand issue at its core, but threads into every aspect of both festival & club culture. I was told by some people working at TomorrowWorld that rumors were going around kids needed medical transport around the time a “bad batch of LSD” seemed to hit the festival. Apparently 6 medical transports were needed to take care of people, and they had similar symptoms. This smacks of kids being sold NBOMe that’s being passed off as LSD. TomorrowWorld takes safety very seriously, but it’s very hard to prevent this kind of thing. To stress, there were no deaths, but people needed attention, because of greed & dishonesty. This isn’t even a new phenomenon. There are documented calls of “do not eat the brown acid” at Woodstock. And if you don’t believe me HERE IS THE AUDIO. 50 years later, and we’re still fighting the same fight. I think this can only be dealt with doing two things.

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