Midnight Music: Metric – Blindness (Amtrac Remix) [Indie Bass]

I’ve gotta throw it up for Amtrac. I’ve been watching the Kentucky star’s climb for years and this track was where I discovered the inventive & bassy deliciousness that Amtrac creates. The lyrics remain a centerpiece, as you don’t want to fuck with Metric, but the remix is solid, giving you a dark, but gorgeous track to drive around at 3 AM with. This is definitely a dark tune but dark in an inviting kind of way. And it’s a Free Download, so put it into the face.

Nightlife Sociology

Terry Gotham:

I was recently connected with this individual, who speaks about the scene in Boston. There’s a lot to be said on the use of the nightlife space for social change, political activism and the divisiveness that comes when others use parties to sell the same way marketers use sex. I’m a big fan of this perspective, so expect more reblogs from Ms. Kimball in the future.

Originally posted on Micaela Kimball:

A little over a month ago, I published a piece in digBoston on segregated nightlife in Boston. (Check out the article here ). While the paper took a critical eye, I simultaneously highlighted dance scenes and events that resist Boston’s segregated reality and have paved the way for positive change. In between cans of free yuengling and conversations about past and present writing projects, I revisited this piece in my mind this past Wednesday at the digthis awards party. A number of subtopics and afterthoughts emerged from this piece both when I was writing it and in the time that has passed since it’s been published. Some of the conversations at this party inspired me to write about these subtopics here.

When writing the dig piece, I started thinking about how and why nightlife is generally not considered a legitimate social space with in many- or mostly mainstream activist circles. In…

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Midnight Music: Arkasia – Soldiers (Happy Birthday Charlie Chaplin!)

Tonight, for throwback Thursday, I present a duo of tracks using the pinnacle of sample work, taken from one of the first films to use actual audio. Mr. Chaplin was born today, and because of that, I’m picking two tracks showcasing “The Great Dictator” one of Charlie’s only speaking roles and one responsible for one of the best soliloquys in all of cinema. Above, Arkasia provides a stunning orchestral dubstep track that features the tune prominently & below, I’ve got one of my favorite MitiS tunes. Mr Suicide Sheep continues to provide YouTube portal goodness and allows me to use the tracks as a proof that you should celebrate the birth of one our most astonishing actors & comedians. Because if you can listen to these tracks without being touched, I’d check for a pulse. You may not be human anymore.

Coachella Acts Right.

The Indio Police only arrested 80 people over the weekend. Considering there were ~90,000 people through the gates daily, that’s saying quite a bit. I’m going to keep maintaining that dance attendees cause less damage, are less violent and stress rescue & enforcement resources than your run of the mill football game, rock concert or holiday associated with drinking. The Indio Police department agrees. From the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin:

“If you look at some other big event like an Oakland Raiders game, how many people get arrested at those,” he said. “There was nothing really significant this year and there were no major issues with traffic. It was pretty good.”

If you go back and look at the local commentary about TomorrowWorld, you’ll see the same thing. I think these larger events are coming into their own, and while the Ultra security guard injury was tragic & never should have happened, we’re seeing things like that less and less. Six people died in Malaysia at the Future Music Festival, so there are definitely examples of places doing this worse. I think we have a long way to go until we’re partying in the magical land of peace, equality & unicorn farts we’ve all heard fucked up people talk about, but this news shows that we’re on our way. Alright Coachella, let’s not go all Woodstock 99 on this shit on Weekend 2 ok? (via Magnetic, image via Treehugger)

Midnight Music: Neon Trees – Sleep With A Friend (The Chainsmokers Remix) [Anthem House]


I was lucky enough to see The Chainsmokers when they played a warehouse party in Brooklyn about 8 months ago and yes, they absolutely killed it, so be jealous. Their star was moving along at a brisk pace until it went supernova with #SELFIE. Now, I’m hearing co-workers & friends quoting the lyrics while they complain about the culture. Love it or hate it, they moved the needle and started a conversation both about the idea of selfies and the people who take them. They dropped a new remix today and I have to say, you’re going to hear a lot of these guys this summer.

The tune has anthem written all over it and I’m going to count the minutes until I hear sets with multiple Chainsmokers tracks in them by DJs globally. The remix has a potent injection of energy while not saturating you with cheese. The lyrics & original vocal work are used appropriately and not stamped out by the big room sound like you’d expect. Expect to hear this a lot, and be glad it’s this and not the 86 inferior clones of this sound currently sitting in various charts on Beatport.(via EDMTunes)

Here’s a map of America’s musical preferences by genre

Terry Gotham:

Cool heat maps of music preference across the USA. Definitely liking how popular EDM is all over. Also, sup Seattle & Minneapolis when it comes to Hip Hop?

Originally posted on Consequence of Sound:

Just before I moved to Austin in January, I had a conversation with a friend about the cultural makeup of Texas. At the end, they he declared, “Well, I hope you just like endless country and intermittent Christian talk radio.” That got me thinking: are states and regions really dominated by these musical stereotypes? Do the blues truly control the South? Is rock and roll just a New York institution? To solve these quandaries, online real estate broker Movoto has developed a map to display the country’s musical preferences by genre.

The “All-American Music Map” was put together using “data from the National Endowment of the Arts, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (via the Martin Prosperity Institute) and state level music preferences from Wikipedia,” according to Movoto. These scores include both survey data and “genre performer concentrations by metro,” which is the “concentration of musicians…

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Status Silver Drops Legit Finger Dancing. No, Not Gloving, Finger Dancing.

I came across this over the weekend after getting lost on YouTube looking for break dancing videos. I’m so glad I did. This is a level of complexity that would be totally lost in the dark, which would be sad. The work is exceptional & the track choice is perfect. This is definitely not something I’ve seen at parties. While I’ve seen gloving, liquid movement and other more arm/wrist-based popping & locking, this is a new one for me. I love when that happens. Get at this guy on Youtube & Facebook.