Midnight Music: OneRepublic – I Lived (Arty Remix) [Progressive Anthem]

You’ve made it to the end of Monday, it’s all downhill from here. This triumphant remix of OneRepublic will put a swing in your step, or a swagger, whichever you prefer. The soaring vocal work gets some potent backing beats from the Russian sensation Arty. The 4:26 of progressive goodness could find its way into an Avicii or Swedish Fish Mafia set easily! The lack of big room feels are welcome in this post-Brolectro era, and I can’t wait to hear Arty & Mat Zo come back together to do some amazing touring work that will just pour buckets of Serotonin onto their fans. We’ve been waiting for years, and they’ve been steadily kicking more and more ass in their respective careers. Can’t wait for that reunion tour!

A Sherpa’s Tale

Terry Gotham:

The plug-and-play dialog continues along, with this account, via a “sherpa.” The multi-million dollar camps had vets hook them up, and they’ve given an account of what went down. Suffice it to say, shit’s fucked up and crazy. Enjoy the read my friends, and understand that this may not be something that can be reversed. This is the desert of the real, in all its non-participatory glory.

Originally posted on Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man:

sherpa porn

This story posted on Facebook is from a Burner who worked as a Sherpa this year at a multi-million dollar camp. We will keep the Burner’s identity anonymous unless they request otherwise. It is a fascinating, some might say shocking, inside look at the fancier side of Black Rock City.

“What!? You mean I’m a Sherpa!?”

A Tale from the K-hole at Burning Man 2014

By: Whatever

The hot Playa topic this year is all about Plug and Play camps and the controversy surrounding the loopholes they find to be able to run profitable business behind their private walls while on the Playa. As someone who appreciates a challenge  and a good story got share, I felt fortunate that I was able to be an employee working in one of these. Yes, I was a sherpa for a camp put in place by one of the members on the board of…

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Plug-n-Play Goes All the Way…to the Top of the Pyramid [Update]

Terry Gotham:

“Although the “joke” may have been amusing at first due to its irony, it is now no longer a joke: hotels at Burning Man have become a reality. There are multiple camps following in the footsteps of a “quirky luxe boutique on the Playa” – and charging five figures per head for rooms. Since August 6, Weitz has stepped down from the Board, and been replaced with Matt Goldberg – a Melbourne boy who is SVP of Global Market Development at $9 billion home shopping behemoth QVC. Once you jump the shark, it’s time for the infomercials.”

Not only are the money changers in the temple, but they’re selling rooms at the Inn. Amazing & well researched story about the gentrification & 1%-ization of BM. Kudos to Kanizzle for posting the story.

Originally posted on Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man:

“self reliance is the greatest art” – my teabag message as I’m finishing off this post.

Earlier this year, Burning Man CEO and Founder Marian Goodell gave a talk at TEDx Tokyo, while social alchemist Bear Kittay, part of the “Burning Man 2.0″ team, debuted his new song celebrating transhumanism and the Singularity (you know, that great idea where we’re all going to become one with robots and Google).

Marian released a couple of factoids in the speech that raised our eyebrows. One was that group revenues are now $30 million. The other was that the Burning Man Project board has 19 directors.

To me, that seems extraordinarily high, and Bain Capital agrees:

According to the BoardSource Nonprofit Governance Index 2010, the average board size is 19 and the median is 17. BoardSource reports that nonprofits with budgets of $10 million or more have an average of 18 members and…

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Diplo Is Actually Trolling Everyone & Winning. Hard.

(Check out this long-form opinion piece I dropped on EDMTunes this week. Give credit where credit is due and hit them up for all of the latest news & info on diplo. In addition to every other DJ ever of course.)Diplo - EDMTunes

The EDM blogosphere has been obsessed with diplo’s latest “faux pas” this week, for possibly/maybe getting booed. He played Turn Down For What (a Billboard #4/#1 Dance Hit) at Robot Heart, a Burning Man camp/soundstage. Pulse Radio & Consequence of Sound were two of the first sites to break the story, which metastasized and quickly became the only thing dance music internet was talking about. A bunch of armchair DJs & bloggers gleefully complained about how diplo had no crowd sense, didn’t “get” Burning Man, had no idea what minimal tech house (the scene Robot Heart caters to) was, and on and on. By the time Burning Man attendees woke up in the default world Wednesday morning, the internet had exploded about this to the point that you could be convinced nothing else actually happened at Burning Man except Turn Down For What. While editors, bloggers and site admins high-fived each other for getting the scoop, the important people (i.e. the burners who were there, <insert famous person here>) offered commentary on why he did what he did. There’s a whole lot of meta-discussion about how this track selection was a mistake, which I find to be taken at this point, something just assumed. Like, OBVIOUSLY that wasn’t the correct choice. Frankly, the idea that this was a mistake is hilariously incorrect. Anyone making it clearly has no idea just how big diplo has gotten and how much of a social media master he’s become over the years.

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#FestFriday – Packing For TomorrowWorld

Terry Gotham:

My girl Ravelrie does a great TomorrowWorld preview, packing guide and info post. If you’re headed to the hills make sure to check this out!

Originally posted on ravelrie:


With just under two weeks to go until the second annual TomorrowWorld, and the magical journey to the hills of Chattahoochee, it’s time to start making those final arrangements!

Some things to keep in mind…

  • avicii has cancelled performances for the rest of the year because of his health issues–let’s hope he gets well and gains some weight so that we can see him perform again next year with live artists and feathers everywhere as he takes it to some other leve7s. fucking alcohol and drugs man, they do bad shit to the little organs inside of you… MODERATION AND KNOWLEDGE ARE KEY!
  • which reminds me… if you need a test kit, get one here.
  • wristbands should be sent out by the end of next week; if you don’t receive them by the 24th, bring your e-ticket with you that came with your paylogic order and pick up a…

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