Midnight Music: The Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive [Vintage Dance!]

This is one of my favorite classic tracks of all time. The Crystal Method is more important to American dance music than most realize. This track, the theme to an acclaimed NBC Law & Order style show called Third Watch is everything good about classic dance music. If you hear this and don’t get transported to around a decade or two ago, listen again. You won’t regret it. Catch The Crystal Method at Escape Festival this Oct (More info here). I saw them back in 2011 at Identity Fest, and you bet your ass they put on a great show. Gotta school the younglings somehow.

Sam Feldt’s New Mixtape Is All Kinds Of Wonderful [Even More Summer House!]

Since it would be tacky to post Summer House tracks after Labor Day, I’m gonna cram as much of it into this week as I can. Next up, Sam Feldt’s glorious tropical house mix. This mix has a number of great remixes and there’s a free download on Sam Feldt’s Facebook page as well. Free summer vibes for the last week of the unofficial season, and just in case you need another reason, the mix is dedicated to a single fan. I love this idea, the direct connection to a single person, something that really creates a connection between artist and dance party attendee. I can’t imagine how happy the winner of this mix would’ve been. Anyone want to make a Gotham mix for me? 😀

Midnight Music: Mauns – Flying EP [Chillstep/Downtemp Vibes]


Mauns got into my world a little while ago, after releasing this smooth drum & bass track that has been on my repeated listen list for months. There’s a soothing quality to the productions, and this EP is no exception. This is the perfect sound for winding down, a quiet class of wine at home, or to cuddle someone hot to. The 20min of chill goes by quickly, leaving me wanting more, especially when it comes the irregular syncopated beat that it seems 95% of the dance community hasn’t been able to master yet.

Midnight Music: Galantis – Smile (Hyperbits & Jenaux Remix) [Summer House]

If you’ve been keeping track, you’ve probably realized I love the Summer House sound. This tropical, rambling, slowed down groove is definitely a great creation to fight back against the brolectro & big room that has been dominant the last couple of years. Galantis & others are doing great work in the more chilled house space, and now, Hyperbits & Jenaux strike with an even Summery-er (I know, not a word. Yet) House remix. The huge Progressive hook in the track gives it this shining, euphoric feel that I can’t wait to see get played in live sets. The energy is up and it never gets too cheesy. Put it into your face when you need a pick me up, it’s good for what ails you. (via White Raver Rafting)


Conversely, if you’re headed out to EZoo instead of BM, my girl Ravelrie wrote up this fantastic list of must-bring supplies for any of my electric animals. The extra battery, clear bottle of water & some bandaids & sunscreen are definitely things I would’ve liked the last time I was at Randall’s Island for the Labor Day weekend extravaganza. Also, make sure you remember, it’s a cashless festival this time around so fill your wristband before you get there. Also, BRING AN EXTRA PAIR OF SUNGLASSES! Trust, the ones you bring are going to break at some point over the weekend, especially if it gets as rowdy as we all know it will 😉


Wondering what to bring to #ezny without a camelbak? No camelbak, no problem! Use a small drawstring bag or large fannypack and only pack the essentials.

My essentials are:

  • 1 set of earplugs by EarPeace – they come on a keychain so you’ll never forget them!
  • SEALED Chapstick – you can buy these in 3 packs so you have a sealed one for each day of the festival.
  • 1 travel pack of baby wipes – great for if you get dirty or the toilets run out if toilet paper!
  • A few sealed band aids for if you get a blister! You can slip them easily in your wallet.
  • SEALED and/or under 3oz sunscreen. I prefer the stick for fests and to keep in a fanny pack. Less mess, more coverage!
  • Travel hand sanitizer – you can get these on a keychain to hook onto your fanny pack belt
  • 1 disposable…

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Peter $un Has Flow & Southern Style.


This new sound out of VA is definitely going to keep my attention. I’m liking the smooth, almost syrup’y sound that Chance The Rapper has helped make acceptable. There’s a slickness to his lyrical work (rhyming “Pokeballs” gets props from me) and his sample game is legit. The classic trumpet sample is something I think more hip hoppers need to be using, especially considering the history of Jazz being replaced by Hip Hop as the sound of counter culture in the United States.

This Organic Veggies demo not only has the best genre tag I’ve seen on Soundcloud in months (LSD on Sunday), but it does everything right.  The flow is exactly as fast as it needs to be, you get introduced to the sound without being rushed or aggressively fronted on. I hope this gets scooped up immediately, because this is an MC that could open for James Blake or something. Lots of potential and you heard it here first.

J. Cole Drops “Be Free” In Response To Ferguson.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Ferguson, MO is currently a war zone. While many artists have kept as far away from this controversy as possible, J. Cole has created a touching piece in tribute to Michael Brown and those who suffered police brutality. There’s some vocal sampling directly from the protests about halfway through the track. It’a powerful tune that straddles Indie and Rhythm & Blues. There’s a plea within the tune that I hope we can all heed. Let us all be free to live our lives without fear of repression by those who have sworn to serve & protect. (via This Song Is Sick)

Check this less political, but still chill as fuck hip hop tune from Dreamville Records by Cozz below as well.

Midnight Music: ODESZA – Say My Name (ft. Zyra)

One of the things I take great pleasure in is watching artists rise from obscurity to eventually blow minds of thousands at a time. I’ve been lovingly stalking ODESZA for a year or so now, and each time the pair from out West put something out, it makes my day. In Return is no exception. ODESZA exists in this delightful space between chill trap, UK garage, deep house & indie. The vocals of Zyra add to the glittering bass work that they’ve come up with. The 2014 tour is already starting to sell out in the big cities like NYC, DC, SF and Boston, so check out the tour info here and get those tickets fast if you’re in a lucky city that hasn’t discovered this awesome sound yet. New stuff coming 9/9.14 so get excited for me to yell about how awesome they are even more 😀

Mixes Of The Weekend By Tektite, Tim The Enchanter & Illexxandra!

unnamed (2)

One of my very favorite party groups here in NYC, Vitamin B, has decided to bust out a bunch of mixes to get you through August. They’re planning something huge for their anniversary this fall, and decided to tide our breaks-related thirst over. Tektite is flying high off his Stanton Sessions set (found here) and has just dropped a new mix on The Armory, a funky West coast podcast that keeps it quality when it comes to eclectic beats, breaks and bass.

Tim The Enchanter has put together a minor Public Service Announcement for all you kids out in radio land that may not be too familiar with Breaks as a genre. His mix, from the Essential Breaks radio show has a bunch of new stuff in addition to some classics that you may have heard a DJ at one of the smaller stages at EDM fests play while you were getting a drink. Trust that there’s a lot of good in this genre and put it into yo face. I say that a lot, but it’s true quite often 😉

Ms. illexxandra has blessed us with a VIP recreation of her Transformus 2014 set. There’s a bunch of twerk, breaks, house, future bass and soulful bounce in this hour. Is Soulful Bounce a genre yet? If not, she’s making it happen. This is some of the funkiest mixing you’ve heard. Can’t wait to see her again when she gets back from the Playa.

Enjoy the weekend and take it easy!