Midnight Music: Galimatias & Sorrow – Subside

Galimatias is definitely one of my artists to not miss this year, and this track reminds us all as to why. The smooth, deep house combined with just a touch of UK garage sounding beats to mellow out your evening. Galimatias. Remember the name when they open for Disclosure. You heard it here first.

Diplo & Mark Cuban Bring Start-Ups Together With Dance Music For RECESS.

Diplo is world famous for combining dirty dancing & beats, and has been doing so since Miley was still in elementary school. However, it seems he’s got his sights set on taking care of the kids he’s become a hero to, and not just the ones who send him snapchat #twerk pictures. Diplo is partnering with Mark Cuban to generate a new kind of RECESS. From the RECESS Site:


While I’m not sure I can support the idea that dance music, traditionally anti-corporate & anti-consumer, is now being paraded around during an entrepreneurial/capitalist Jamboree, I’ve got no problem with college kids getting a little more employment-directed education, networking & insider access instead of just hanging around playing Madden on a Saturday while you wait for the DJs to show up for the party. Combining a pitch room, idea filtration down to a national competition and a phat party at the end of it is an idea I wish I thought of, and with sponsorship from companies like Indiegogo, This Song Is Sick & General Assembly, some good might come out of the CashMoneyInterns Tour yet. (No, that’s not the real tour name, but it so should be)

Eyes & Ears: Avant Garden ft. “The Bloom Room” with DJ Pony & REsy

(I wanted to make a special point to start discussing events that specifically fundraised for art projects, be they Burner or whatever, simply because I think there can be a lot of hedonism in these kinds of events, and hopefully, if people act transparently, a lot of good art and job creation, as it were, can come out of the want to go somewhere and dance on days that end in Y. So I’m starting a feature where I yammer about an event raising money for art that I think is cool.)

This one came at me from a friend, so I wanted to make sure y’all heard about it. From what I can tell, this smells of an underground affair with a few of the DJs I’ve mentioned here before, fundraising for some art people trying to get out to the Playa. For our viewers playing at home, generally, NYC people raise money for outstanding ridiculousness at Burning Man, by throwing banging and/or refined & dainty affairs all over the city before they head off. A couple of friends at Modus Operandi are working on something I’m very eager to see and I’m going to  bust ass to make it to this Friday night.

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Midnight Music: Ruben Haze & Dirty South Joe ft. Example – One Way Ticket

I’m super pleased this collaboration happened. Example has been on my radar for a few years now, carving out a respectable name for himself in the UK & worldwide. I give mad props to any male vocalist that can hang in the dance game, and he does quite well. Dirty South has done some amazing work & always kills it when he gets behind the decks at PACHA NYC. I’ve not heard of Ruben Haze before, but I won’t forget the name after this tune. There’s a serious Red Hot Chili Peppers vibe on the tune, but it inflects into this potent, but never oppressive indie-infused sound. I know that sounds kind of silly considering the fact that I’ve now used “indie” and “Pacha” in the same paragraph, but check it out and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I’m definitely looking forward to this EP now, as indietronica continues to be my jam. Kudos to This Song Is Sick for the tip.

DJ Shadow Returns With A Footwork-Infused Remix of Supersister’s Dona Nobis Pacem.

Just in case you missed it, DJ Shadow showed back up as of late. Beatport dropped the news & shortly after, a new full track appeared on DJ Shadow’s Soundcloud. While the guy has a list of musical accomplishments longer than most people’s gig history, he’s still challenging himself. Namely, after kicking a Machinedrum track around for fun & profit, he’s returned with a confusingly good rework of a track released approximately 40 years ago. Supersister, a Dutch prog group, released “Dona Nobis Pacem.” Apparently Shadow had met the keyboardist in the group in 2010, and had been a fan of his work for some time. Gotta appreciate the retro futuristic sound. Maybe that Mansion promoter was right. This stuff is too future, and it’s a free download. I’m into it. You?


Idiot’s Guide To Smart People: Music

CaptureOk, everything about this is correct. This quote, less than 20 seconds into the video, really captures how bad it’s gotten in some circles these days.

It takes a smart person to love something in a way that takes all the fun out of it.”

There’s about 2:45 of good stuff here, so put it into your face, and trust me, don’t google Louisiana Swamp Pop. It sounds like flies & relaxed sadness.