Sam Tsui Releases Best #Selfie Cover Ever. Ever.

So, in case you’ve not heard The Chainsmokers new earworm #selfie, you may not ever have to. While I’ll link it here, just watch the ballad cover done by Sam Tsui & be serene in knowing all is right with the world. I mean, then watch the video and see what you’re going to hear at least twice daily in Miami if you’re headed down there this week. But, while electro-big-haus is melting your face, remember this smooth cover by someone who needs to win an idol-esque show like now. Randy, get on that. (via EDMTunes)


Midnight Music: Have A Nice Day by World Order

I am going to keep posting these guys until they’re as big as Victorian School Girl costumes are in Japan. Genki Sudo continues to blow minds and generate camera phone snaps across Japan. This time, there’s a lot more crowd interaction in the movement & scenes with guest stars Akihabara, or AKB48, while they perform and explore the region of the same name. So yes, they’re hanging out with Akihabara in Akihabara, because Japan. The song is upbeat, catchy & starry-eyed like only Genki Sudo can be. Can this please be a live act somewhere on this side of the planet please? kthxbai

Yanis Marshall, The Guy That Can Dance In Heels Better Than You.

My girl Dopeshoes put this into my face over the weekend and I really could not be more pleased by it. Yanis Marshall & friends make a great video about dance & Thought Catalog did a great interview with him to be consumed here. I think this is a fabulous time to be pushing LBGT equality, with midterms approaching and the death of Fred “God Hates Fags” Phelps, the air is ripe for change. Yes, change includes men dancing in heels on the street in Paris, we’ve come a long way from Madonna’s “Sex.”

Midnight Music: An Hour of Etherwood, Majestic Drum & Bass

One of my favorite discoveries last year was Etherwood. A supremely talented D&B producer & DJ from the UK, he was swiftly picked up by Med School, the Hospitality support label. This is a huge pickup for them, and I’m so glad to see he’s getting billing & performance time at shows I can’t go to in the UK. The mix is amazing, featuring his music in addition to ill picks from d:Bridge, London Elektricity and a bunch of other Hospital. There is also a link to 2 other hour long mixes as he’s on the decks for BBC One Weekly this month! Don’t sleep on this if you’re a D&B fan, you’ll thank me. Can’t wait to see where this guy goes in 2014, especially after this quartet of hotness.

Worldwide Slump In Physical Media Sales Because You’re No Longer Big In Japan.

So, it seems one country really can make the difference when it comes to sales of an entire medium. In case you weren’t aware, the Japanese need to have it. Not a download of it, It. The purchase of the vinyl, cassette, 8track or CD has been a shot in the arm for the industry for years, with hard-to-find physical presses with bonus tracks only available in Japan (like the Random Access Memories CD with an extra track, not released anywhere else in the world). As the world slowly switches to internet-based streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud and Pandora, the sales took a huge hit in Japan, to the tune of a 16% drop in the country. To put that in perspective, digital consumption was up 13% in Europe. Writing’s on the wall everyone. Get your shit up for free on Soundcloud & YouTube. Ain’t no one buying your CD until they see you at a show. (via FACT)

Midnight Music: Kid Beyond – I Shall Be Free

This is a big throwback for Thursday, coming to you all the way from 2006. Kid Beyond‘s soulful anthem, I Shall Be Free. The amazing message is as true now as it was when I first heard it after this pixie of a girl sent it to me after attending one of my parties. The combination of funky vocals, powerful chords and a whole lot of groovy vibes blend in a way that was more modern than I expected, especially for a message this hopeful.

Party of the Month: GlamTech (2nd Year In A Row!)

It’s that time again folks. After melting my face last year, DiSORIENT is back at it and they’ve moved out of the new hotness that is Brooklyn, to return to the possibly new-new hotness that is Manhattan (also, Not the Warsaw. This is huge). I’m going to get right into the meat of this, because there’s a gigantic amount of talent to tell you about and I know I’m racing your ADD/Facebook notifications. The best way to describe GlamTech is to imagine a tuxedo made out of a disco ball, with light Pornj (Pink + Orange, for the uninitiated) running lights. This event is where the stops are pulled out, and you just might see an el wire dragon-frame corset, if that’s even a thing. But enough about what you’ll see, which has been described this year as the Dichroic Delusions. The ancient Kykeon of Eleusis comes to mind, the colors between spectrum & spaces in between heart beats, if you can be mindful of them.

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