Midweek Music: Avicii, Ferry Corsten, Wyclef Jean, Delta Heavy & More!

Between July 4th & Labor Day, people check blogs less, they vacation more & need tunes to move to. For the summer, instead of doing music at night, I’ve decided to try something different. I’m going to try and put together a weekly set of tracks, most new, but the occasional oldie/goodie, for you, my faithful readers. Let me know if it’s a good idea.  Ferry Corsten remains one of my most favorite DJs, though he rarely gets to spin the music I love him for. Even though when he headlines mainstages, he does a lot of electro house & progressive, in my mind, he will always be a pure trance DJ. With this release and his recent new Gouryella track, it’s as if he has been reading my mind. The break at 3:19 is one of the best in the world and has been for years. This is a staple in his sets across Europe, but I’ve definitely been privileged enough to hear it on our shores on more than one occasion.  Mixmag premiered one of the better remixes of Giorgio Moroder’s new track “74 is the new 24.” Yes, that’s actually the name of the track, he’s really getting down and funky at 74. The tune has some interesting little guitars and some “I clearly listen to Daft Punk” vocoding effects which are totally welcome. It’s got a vintage, funky feel, while keeping the energy up in a 90’s dance kind of way. Kris Menace & Lifelike have grabbed my attention with this track, so y’all should keep an eye on them with me.
 Avicii is back, and he brought Wyclef Jean & Matisyahu with him. It’s a strange departure for Avicii and I wonder who wanted this deal to come together most out of the trio. Matisyahu & Wyclef Jean drop perfectly capable/dope rhymes, and the reggae vibes on this are strong. Avicii brings in the bluegrass & country influences from his previous work, as you can hear in the builds and lead up to the chorus. This is definitely a step in a new direction so definitely let me know if it’s something you’re feeling.   Bringing the energy down entirely is Glo. This downtempo/chill artist has studied at the School of Burial and we’re all better for it. I cannot get enough of this kind of sound. Do not play this for people on drugs, but if you’re sad, you just got dumped, or if you’re just walking in the rain, this is your jam. I know it’s mine, and if you want more, check out glo’s album saknad here. The list of tracks is fantastic, and it will get you through.  Last but certainly not least, Delta Heavy‘s got a new jam that’s out July 17th. This is no bullshit Drum & Bass. Classic, perfect Delta Heavy, like only he can be. Delta Heavy is able to use female rock vocals in a way I don’t think anyone else in the space besides Flux Pavilion can touch. And now I want to see a Delta Heavy/Flux Pavilion b2b set.

That’s it folks, leave a comment if you liked this format & want to see it again, or if I should get back to a track a day. I live to serve.

Midnight Music: B-Complex – Beautiful Lies [Drum & Bass]

I don’t know who this Random Globe character is, but they know what they’re doing and have earned a spot in my “bored on YouTube” subscription rotation. This new channel, featuring some of the better liquid D&B that usually slips through my radar is still in the formative stages folks. But the 14 songs up already an the D&B list are solid as are the ~60 video chill list. This B-Complex track is everything you need to punch through the early week slump. A dope breakdown after a full 3:40 of regular drum & bass song? Especially considering most tunes in this genre are only that long, it’s gotta be something you sit up and appreciate, when you’ve got a 45sec legit breakdown in the tune. This is some old school Planet of the Drums vibe, pushed into an “almost” liquid track. The result is a gorgeous two hump track that feels like a classic. The vintage taste combined with the modern production values makes for a wonderful vacation in the middle of the week. Head on over to Random Globe if you agree.

Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: ph10 [Live D&B – The Oriental, Denver 6.20.15]

(I was lucky enough to chat with the mad scientist behind one of my favorite acts of all time, ph10. A force of nature in NYC back when the word rave meant something, ph10 has taken up residence in Denver, giving his fans an epic show this Saturday at The Oriental. Here’s to hoping everyone who reads this will help me convince him to keep the brutally majestic live d&b train going.)ph10 - HoY1. How have you been preparing for the show? What can Denver attendees expect? Mostly focusing on promotion, it’s a tough town to get more than a couple hundred people at a show like this and we’re shooting for 400 at the Oriental. Beyond that, Pete and I have a brand new track to debut and I’m bringing some older tracks, some unreleased tracks including some hot fire from Clark of Saturn as a tribute. There’s a handful of people coming all the way from NYC and I’m trying to make it worth the trip.2. For everyone who missed your performance in 2013, Do you think you’d ever put out a set online? Brutal drive that was. I was stuck in Kansas for two days because a snow storm closed I70. You know what’s funny about Kansas? As bad as you assume it’ll be, it always finds a way to be worse. Sure I’ll put out a set online. You want to help set that up? Let’s do it live. (ed. You bet your ass I will)

3. Have you kept up with drum & bass these days, are you a still fan of what’s going on in the space? Honestly, I wish I could say no. I wish I could say “oh i’m way past that, I listen to Hungarian pan flute music exclusively now” but i still love DnB and it still gets me going when i need it to. My favorite artist right now is Amit – especially tracks like The Hunted / Killer Driller / Survivor / Daaku and Human Warfare. Brilliantly simple, minimal, dark and just so well produced – pretty much the opposite of pH10.ph104. Right now, it’s all about the DJ and the fireworks. What is it all about for you when you’re up there? Really? Fireworks? That’s cool. I love pyrotechnics. I used to have a helmet with two flash-paper guns that i fired at the audience. People hated it. Venues really hated it. What’s it about when I’m up there? Sound. There’s nothing more important to me than filling the room with a full, rich auditory experience. Secondarily I mix everything live and like to tweak all the synths to give a semi-live experience to the fans that might know the records. Beyond that, I just bang my fat head up and down and try to have fun. 5. Do you partake in the Denver scene at all? Would you ever consider showing up and mixing records or messing around with some live production somewhere just for your local fans? Not as much any more but when anyone i know ask me to get involved in a show – even if that just means showing up with a computer and dropping samples into a metal set – I rarely decline.

6. Do you keep in touch with your fans? Are they clamoring for unreleased tracks? I’ve never had anyone clamor for anything from pH10 to be honest. If anyone wants unreleased tracks (and there are a few good ones) just ask.
(ed. – You bet your ass there are a couple I’ll be asking for :D)ph10 helmutplex

7. As someone who was there before, any thoughts on what Brooklyn & the NYC party scene has become? I go back to NYC a lot and I stay in touch with the promoters that I used to work with – what I hear is that shit is pretty flat right now. I can’t confirm as I’m not in the scene every day but the guys that I looked up to doing parties every month just seem burned out on NYC and have moved on. Having said that, the last time pH10 played there was the aforementioned show at House of Yes in 2013 and it was an incredible experience – so emotional for me. Many of our NY fans came out to greet us, the venue was very well run and the sound was incredible. I do miss NYC.

8. With the explosion in commercial festivals, where do you think we go from here? What’s a club kid to do? Yeah those parties look terrible to my jaded eyes but if those kids are having fun, good on ’em. What I hope happens is that they are inspired by that scene and start to find indie spots to throw their own parties. All we had in the 90s and 00s in NYC was about 5 good crews, filling venues like Wonderland, Rubulad, Frying Pan, Lunatarium etc. That’s all it took – one of those crews throwing a genuinely good party every week and lighting up the city. I hope we get back there some day.
9. Knowing how it all turned out, do you have any nuggets of wisdom or insight for people just on the precipice of what you created? You know what, It’s finally been long enough to look back and be proud of what we accomplished rather than wonder would could have been. Regardless of the fact that some of the stuff with Pete Miser did pretty well on college radio and commercially with licensing and placements – we’ve sold a couple thousands records total, across our entire catalog over our entire history. Not exactly setting the world on fire. But the shows that we’ve performed – putting us in a position to look down off of a stage and see pleasure and pure joy in someone’s face because of the goofy shit that we’re playing – that’s what I’ll always treasure about this project. pH10 is silly but we fucking rock at the same time – that’s a great combination and all too rare these days. I like to think of pH10 as the electronic Murphy’s Law.  10. No chance we could convince you to keep it going huh? Even maybe just mastering some unreleased material or mixes of your favorite classic tracks? I didn’t expect anyone to bat an eye at the ‘last show’ declaration but it seems that there’s more interest than I expected – especially in doing live shows. The show hasn’t even happened yet so it’s a bit early to renege but fuck it. If someone in our family comes along and asks us to participate in something good, I might not know how to say no. As for releasing new stuff – that’s inevitable. I just need some help making it happen. Hit me up.

(Tickets, if you’re in the hood, can be gotten here, once again)

Midnight Music: Etherwood – Souvenirs (ft. Zara Kershaw) [Liquid Drum & Bass]

 Etherwood getting Annie Mac Exclusive shows you how far he’s come. Not only is he one of the best in the world in liquid, but his composition & piano work continues to soar as he takes Europe by storm. This track has a little bit of a Rudimental vibe to it, but considering how much I love the two of them, I certainly ain’t complaining. This is definitely the bread & butter of the liquid drum & bass world. Fast but soft, potent, yet, seemingly light, Etherwood executes perfectly as always Zara Kershaw comes in to add soul to the mix to great effect. It’s definitely a must listen while you’re at the gym, grinding through work, driving, or even just jamming out in your underwear. Med School & Etherwood deliver as always.

Midnight Music: Cartoon – Made Me Feel (ft. Kristel Aaslaid) [Liquid Drum & Bass]

To celebrate getting through Monday, here’s some of that boom bap tish that will put a smile on your face. Kristel Aaslaid lays down some sultry and funky vocals over some uptempo liquid which does work. The music video for this is my favorite genre of YouTube video” Humans being Awesome on planet Earth.” The stunt videos, juxtaposed with crazy good HD drone footage from around the world makes for a thrill ride that’s almost softened by the music. The footage, done by Team Blacksheep, deserves as much kudos as the track. The artist hails from Tallinn, so remind me to get out to some parties in Eastern Europe. The tune is out May 18th, but you can listen to the whole track here. I am probably just going to keep posting the hotness Liquicity drops, because it’s all stupendous. Just FYI. Put this track on as you’re powering down tonight. Monday is over, the hard part has passed.

Midnight Music: Rudimental – Never Let You Go [Soulful Drum & Bass]

Rudimental - Never Let You GoRudimental is back and all is right with the world. The soulful, triumphant feel that the world fell in love with is back. The rollicking good time that hits up 45sec in is the signature sound that if they keep making, I’ll keep hyping. To know what the potential of this music is and not see it in wider American release kills me. This is the sound of a generation and we’re all better off for them being so good & well received we’re getting a 2nd album. If you’re like me, that album is already getting you hyped. The full album should be out this summer and if it’s anything like Home, we’re in for a treat. Live drum work, great vocals, throbbing bass & quality production, what more could you ask for in your drum & bass? Oh right, live trumpet! Because Rudimental does that 😀  

Mix Of The Week: Memories by Liquicity, Mixed by Maduk

Too many Drum & Bass artists to name on this week’s Mix. Maduk of Liquicity fame has served up a fantastic trip down memory lane for us liquid fantatics. There’s a lot to love here, with tracks from Stan SB, Feint, Rameses B & like a dozen other artists. This is to celebrate their new compilation “Memories.” A good idea, as this allows them to get all of your (and my) favorite tracks from years of listening in one place. 30 of the best liquid tracks in years, and the compilation comes with a big 76min mix as well. The preview mix that’s posted here is just a taste to whet the appetite and honestly, it does exactly that. Tracks I’ve not heard in years, and others I’ve never heard, flow smoothly together as Maduk does work getting the word out about this compilation.  So I want to give them money for it all. Which, you should do as well.