Midnight Music: Mistabishi – From Memory (Matrix Remix) [Soulful Drum & Bass]

Mistabishi really can do great work when he puts his mind to it. This track from a while ago, really encapsulates what the genre of drum & bass can be. The Matrix remix of From Memory and the music video created for Hospital Records is equally good. Watching the creativity of a human drain away from them while they work their lives away have become one of the central stories of the Western world in the modern age. This video is no exception, and frankly, especially at this point, I think we need to be reminded to do it more. Especially when there are no guarantees of job security even if you play by all the rules. The idea that his mixer & system are in a box labeled “old stuff” and he’s still rocking an old CRT monitor really give the video a little bit more authentic resonance than you’d expect. The vibe here is almost hopeful, which is shocking for a UK release, I know.

MellowEDM, The Lighter Side Of Drum & Bass, Electro & EDM.

Get in on the ground floor ladies & gentlemen. If you’re looking for another YouTube stream to get the soothing, more chill side of the dance music spectrum, MellowEDM is off to a great start. If you wanted to learn about how to produce a channel like MrSuicideSheep, just watch this one rise. If they can keep cranking out fantastic, chilled out remixes of some amazing tunes and the interesting artists I’ve never heard of before, there won’t be anything stopping them. Klrx & Hybrid Minds are just two of the crazy good artists featured on the channel and I think it’s less than a week old. You know what to do, especially to smooth your way into Monday.

Midnight Music: Strife II – Morning Chorus [Liquid Drum & Bass]

Strife ii - Morning ChorusI told you I interviewed Strife II for a reason. This guy just had a new track of his bomped on MrSuicideSheep, the place for YouTube dopeness. As always, the stupendous piano work & vocals are center stage, supported by varsity drum & bass beat work. This guy knows what he’s doing, and this track totally reminds us all that he needs a bigger stage & a check to make this stuff sound even better. I don’t want to say too much more, because really, just put it into your face while you’re walking around in the rain, snow, or sunshine (depending on where home is of course). (From the amazing & crucial MrSucideSheep)

Midnight Music: Boxplot – Escape With The Clouds [Liquid Drum & Bass]

I really do have to give it up to Liquicity. They are one of the only places besides Hospital Records on the internet to get consistently dope beats of the liquid variety. I had no idea that there was a liquid DJ in Boston! This means I’m looking into booking things toute suite. This kind of track is exactly the sound that the scene needs. The cool intensity of the back beat rumbling along with the potent, but not abrasive low end is damn near perfect. The vocals put some sexy frosting on the top of the tune, and you’ve got a neat 6:41 of fun. BoxPlot you say?! I’m into it. I love the feeling when you find a new artist and have an entire new Soundcloud to go through. Is that the equivalent of binge Netflixing?

Midnight Music: Jack Ü – Take Ü There (ft. Kiesza) [Netsky Remix]

Jack U - Take Ü There (feat. Kiesza) [Netsky Remix]Now that the big game is over and you’re wondering what’s going to entertain you until August, take some time to absorb some non-NFL related entertainment. In tonight’s case, check out this soulful D&B remix of Jack U’s insane Take U There track. The super group of diplo & Skrill is going to have a banner year and I’m so glad that other artists have gotten on the stick and started reworking the anthems Jack U is known for. Netsky’s one of my favorites, for this very reason. Taking the track, smoothing it out, while remaining true to the original, he still brings his signature d&b vibe to it. This is a dance track, but it’s not a track to RAGE to, like the original. This is more of a track to groove to. I know, it’s a subtle distinction. Check it out, and show both Jack U & Netsky some love. 

Keeno Goes Full Time! Dope Track On Hospital 2015 As Well!

This is news that brings a tear to my eye. Keeno, in a heartfelt post on Facebook page, declared that he’s going to leave school to pursue music creation full time. In his own words:

Devoting my life to writing and performing music is the only thing I’ve ever wanted to do. I feel immensely fortunate to be able to make it my job as well as my passion and I have all of you to thank in helping that become a reality.

This is what it’s about ladies & gentlemen. This kid has a tremendous career ahead of him, I’m so glad he’s been embraced by Hospital Records & Med School. They’ve provided him with a great foundation and I think more artists (outside the USA, because here, it’s a fucking nightmare just trying to survive) should give this a try. He’s got a gorgeous debut album & 3 EPs out, so I wanted to take this time to feature some of my favorite tracks from his burgeoning discography. First, from his debut album:First up, off the Life Cycle LP, Nocturne & Innocence. These two tracks are great examples of what can be done in the modern drum & bass soundscape, by someone clever with the right resources. The smoothness of the beats, vocals, harmonies, every second of both tracks could not be done better. If you’re into this sound, take Keeno & study him. The silence, the gaps, the shimmering chords, all of it.Just in case you thought he was a dope original composer, these remixes prove he can hang in that game as well. These two show a gigantic range, especially when you remember that both London Grammar & James Bond are UK media forces that couldn’t be more different. The London Grammar remix, much like the ANDY C one, shows that the more melancholy end of the D&B spectrum can still power you through. And the Skyfall remix is a personal favorite, just because I feel that theme needed a serious amount of bass added to it. And finally, his most recent single, released less than 48hrs ago, for the Hospital 2015 compilation. This track, done with one of his favorite partners in crime, Whiney, continues the lofty, signature sound that I adore. This classical approach to the D&B bpm is amazing & I hope more artists copy it after Keeno gets his just desserts for it. His 2015 is going to be so incredible, I’m already jealous of people who live in the UK and can see him live with the rest of the Hospital/Med School crews. I am so glad to be able to bring this to you, my readers. People do follow their dreams, and sometimes, we’re all better for it. Congratulations Keeno, can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Midnight Music: Alex Clare – War Rages On (Etherwood Remix) [Drum & Bass For The Struggle]

Alex Clare - War Rages On (Etherwood Remix)For everyone who spent the day marching, or arguing on the internet about the tenor of MLK’s message. For everyone grinding or who had to work on one of the days when the markets are closed. This is a track I must’ve missed last year, because it’s straight fire. Alex Clare provides some of the best vocal work he’s done since Not Giving In For Rudimental. The liquid feels are impressive with this one, and this smooths along for the entirety of the track, without letting up. This is some of the smoothest d&b out there, so of course it’s from the young master himself Etherwood. Let this tune soothe your tired body peaceful warriors. Even if the only thing you fight for is a better tomorrow for yourself.