Bonus Mix For The Summer Weekend: Nutritious At Cielo!

Coming at you to wind down the weekend, Nutritious brings in some of the deeper, rounder, groovier elements of the dance music spectrum for this delightful mix at his return to Cielo. The last time we saw our hero there, he delighted & blissed out the crowd. I assume this time was more of the same. From the sound of it, I’m not sure how it could be anything but. Wind down with this fun mix and make sure to show Nutritious & SpinSpinNYC some love.


Mix Of The Weekend: The Music Maker – 1992 Rave (From Tommie Sunshine)

Listen up kids, Tommie Sunshine did us all a favor with this mix. He didn’t have to drop something from 19freaking92 on us. This is a gem of a mix, that I assume everyone at this party thought was lost. To put this in perspective, I was in elementary school when this party happened, which is funny, since this party apparently took place in an elementary school basement. When people use the word “Rave” this is what one of those sounded like. Take some time and put the 90 minutes into your face when you’re pregaming this weekend. This was only 7 years after MDMA was made illegal. This mix is required listening for anyone who wants to know how we got to where we are today. Without some of the admittedly goofy sounding tracks, progressive, big room, dubstep, trap and everything else y’all hold dear would’ve never happened. Hit up Tommie Sunshine, he’ll learn you.

Midnight Music: Dr Meaker ft. Sian Evans – Right Back [Drum & Bass]

Tonight, I’m proud to announce Circus Records is putting out a nice little Drum & Bass tune by Dr Meaker. This has an indulgent old school feel with some potent supporting chords. The Circus sound definitely comes out, with the track seeming at home in the faster sections of a Flux Pav set. Sian Evans adds some swaying vocals that are in sync with the pacing. It’s hard to find faults with the release. It’s proper Drum & Bass, not liquid, not psy, not anything crazy. Just your bread and butter D&B that makes me think of hoodies and camo. Not heavy enough to add the gas masks though. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves now 😀

DVS Has A Mixtape Out. Our World Just Got Significantly Better.

Moonsault opens the ridiculously fantastic joint with two of my favorite things. Classic wrestling and sick flow. This solo track really gets at why I’ve been tracking this kid ever since he was cooler than me in High School (Real Talk). To be clear, DVS has a larger vocabulary than you, and also rhymes faster than you. No seriously. I don’t know you, but he does.  Editgod has DVS bringing up the rear, getting support from Bill Ding & Laku. The murky deliciousness is proper “will scare the suburbs” hip hop.

Death Adders is an orgy of talent and hardness. DVS again shining brightly 60% into the tune. The bass addition at 4:24 is a STUPID GOOD choice. I cannot overstate how much I enjoyed that drop. Big Baby Gandhi both takes the award for best MC name and if they’re responsible for the beats, best usage of chip under legit rhymes I’ve ever heard.  56k uses the soundtrack to millennial social networking to allow a giant posse of heads to push lyrics out one after the other.

Rap Genius has the greatest description of any track I’ve ever heard when his Mixtape dropped on Noisey (yea that’s right, he’s on that VICE too). I’ll just put it here and move on to the next track:

I had just got a G-Pen the day this got done. I was all “prolly I should hit it like 500 times to make sure it works.” I spent most of the rest of the day blinking. But then this song happened also? Not extra sure how. But so, that’s a full day I feel like.

Oh My God with Majesty is a master class on modern rap. All y’all wanna be MC’s, take notes. Literally. Listen to this every day and write things that strike you about the track. Multiple times, while sober and otherwise. DVS & Majesty pick excellent tracks and DVS gets infinite props for rhyming Twilight. This is a banger if ever I’ve heard one. Black Swann comes out of nowhere with some aggressive beats, as Lakutis comes out swinging. This is definitely up there with Editgod on “oh snap, they might rob me” end of rap. This is something we don’t really hear much anymore, so props.

No Stoppin Us Now has some excellent production behind it. I love hip hop beats with vintage & classical chords while talented people make it happen. Glad to see DVS moving into the realm of production, can’t wait to see what comes next. True Blood brings back BBG & Lakutis for a shimmering cipher that I’m going to have to listen to about a dozen times to even make sure I heard everything right. Much Imagery, many words, wow.

Swann Gangg continues to showcase the good work Lakutis & DVS can do even without a Legion of Doom. Man, I totally forgot that Clarissa’s dad was an architect. “Fuck your favorite anything” is a profound verse, just saying. Daytona 900 rounds out the mixtape with every cool person you probably should’ve heard of by now. A 9 minute hip hop track is not to be fucked with. Put it into your face and smile, knowing that you’ve ingested some quality music from the streets. Yes, actual streets.

Tricksters From Ghana Are Better At Bicycle Than You.

While both of these songs are fantastic and deserve your attention, I wanted to bring your attention to the supporting cast in these videos. There is this crew in Ghana that apparently is better at bikes than pretty much every one of those trick videos you’ve ever seen. The two songs are proof that there is some amazing music coming out of the developing world, so put them into your face and be wowed by the talent.  (via Metafilter)

Midnight Music: Monstercat 17 – Ascension [Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Electro, Ambient Sickness]

I have a special place in my heart for Monstercat. I’ve been watching this label grow from the ragtag crew of dedicated producers & DJs for so long now. The label, a full-fledged juggernaut in the dubstep, electro, trap and house spaces, cannot be ignored any longer. The warriors in their stable, Au5, Haywyre, Astronaut, Pegboard Nerds, Fractal, Feint, Mr.FijiWiji (THE FIJ!) and many others. Some are old hats, and others are upstarts, chomping at the bit to disrupt both the kind of music we listen to, and how we listen to it. Their digital distribution has been on point since day one, and their compilations (the newest one listed below) are an obnoxious amount of quality. The tracks are cheap, with the compilations being even cheaper. If you’re into this kinda sound, you won’t find it better than at Monstercat. I’ll start shouting out individual artists when I have time, but for now, just dive in. You’ll find something you like, and if you can’t, just play track 30 and let the illness that is Mr FijiWiji rock your world.

Ten Questions With Terry Gotham: Streamus Creator Sean Anderson!

(I’ve started using this Chrome extension called Streamus and I’ve not looked back. Dumping my huge YouTube playlists into a tab-less player that drops them all without ads & with less buffering. I was lucky enough to catch up with the coder of this amazing little extension, and you can find what we talked about below)
1. How did you come up with the Streamus idea? 
Haha. I get asked this question a lot and I’m afraid the answer might be a bit lackluster. I have a decent soundsystem in my room and often would have friends over just to hangout, drink some beers, and listen to music. Most of the time the music would come from YouTube which was resulting in hundreds of bookmarks being created to keep track of enjoyable songs. I found myself becoming more and more frustrated having to manage so many bookmarks and was longing for a way to manage them. Being a software developer, I thought this problem was a bit silly to have, and decided to build something to solve my dilemma. Streamus is the manifestation of those efforts.
The name Streamus was a bit harder to come up with. Originally, the software was called SongBuzz, but I wasn’t stoked on that name. After months of deliberating, Streamus hit me. “Stream” + “Music” – “ic” (like ‘ew, ick!’) = Streamus. 🙂

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